Pokemon Go Pokestops: Why Are They Important?

Pokestops are an integral part of your Pokemon Go experience

Pokemon Go is a game that mixes fun with breathtaking technology. The game simulates what a real-life Pokemon catching experience will look like. Monsters popping out of nowhere and when you least expect it. You could also start battles with friends to test out who has a stronger roster of Pokemon. All of this is possible when you play Pokemon Go on your PC or your phone. Some gyms and Pokestops can help in your progress. Speaking of Pokemon Go Pokestops, do you know that these places are very useful in your progress?

They are not only simple landmarks in your Pokemon Go app. These stops do way more than that and can help you level up faster. Like in-game consumables, Pokemon Go Pokestops can help you progress faster. Before we discuss what makes them important, let us first get to know more about them.



What Are Pokemon Go Pokestops?


Nearby stop in-game
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What exactly are Pokestops and what do they bring to the table? To start, Pokestops are in-game landmarks that you can visit in the game. These stops are real-life landmarks that you can see outside of the game. They can be murals, famous monuments, and even stores. These Pokestops are either at the start of the game or added throughout the game.


Spin a Pokestop now and get something in return
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Pokemon Go Pokestops give out items every time you visit them. To do this, you should be near the actual stop. Then, you have to click the Pokestop on your in-game app. Now, you can spin the circular object on your screen to get in-game consumables. These consumables vary from balls, potions, revives and berries. Each of these items has a different ratio so do not expect to get higher-tier items more often.


Pokestops replenish your in-game consumables
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You should not expect to get Ultra Balls more than Poke Balls. You also can’t get items that you have not unlocked yet through the game’s progression.

Once you spin a Pokestop and collect your items, you can move on to the next one. You cannot respin to the same Pokestop after every attempt. These stops are on cooldown for 5 minutes after every spin. But, if you’re sitting around a place with a Pokestop, you can wait and get more consumables.

Now that we’ve explained what are the basics to a Pokestop, let us now talk about how to add Pokestops. Yes, you can nominate a nearby landmark as a Pokestop.



Nominating New Pokestops


Nominate an area near you by going to your settings
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Yes, you can add more Pokestops near you! Niantic allows players to nominate a landmark to become a new Pokestop. But to do so, you need to be at Level 40 in-game. Yes, you need to be at the max level before you can nominate a new Pokestop. There is a way to overcome this barrier, you can ask someone who is level 40 to nominate a landmark for you. But, it is not that easy as it takes more than a simple nomination. The Pokemon player community will then rate nominated landmarks. Nominees with the highest rating from players will then have a chance to be Pokestops or gyms.

Niantic has a few guidelines as well when it comes to nominating an area or landmark as a Pokestop. You can nominate a famous local landmark, places of worship, parks and libraries. Players can also suggest historical places and modern landmarks and hidden gems. Niantic discourages people to nominate locations with no public access. You cannot nominate residential areas as well as hospitals, police and fire stations. Places that are only for adults are also not encouraged to as a nominee.

Nominating a potential Pokestop is an in-game process. Go to your in-game settings by pressing the Pokeball logo and pick settings. If you’re level 40 you can now start a Pokestop nomination. You need to have to pin the location of the landmark. Then you need to take a photo of your nominee then write why it is significant. Oh, you will also need to take pictures of the surrounding area for reference.

You will now have to wait for the rating process to see if your nomination is successful.



Locating Pokestops


Do you know that Pokemon can be caught near a Pokestop?
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If you are looking for Pokemon Go Pokestops in a new area. There are several Pokestop maps available online that you can use. This is a good way to scout an area you’ll be going to a new town or even abroad. Learn where are the best Pokemon Go locations even around the world. This will come in handy and a little research can help a lot.



Why Are Pokestops Important?


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Pokestops are important for many reasons. One of the most obvious ones is that it can help you replenish your in-game consumables. Walking around an area of Pokestops can help you get a lot of balls, potions, berries, and even eggs. Yes, Pokemon eggs that you can put in an incubator that gives XP when they hatch. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the more continuous days that you visit at least one Pokestop. tIt will result in more XP you’ll gain from starting the game per day.

Pokestops are also important because lures are placeable in them. Yes, lures allow Pokemon to spawn at a much higher rate near a Pokestop. This will allow you to gain more catch XP when you do so. You may also spawn a Pokemon that you can catch for the first time for more XP.

If you want to go crazy, you can wait for Community Day events and place a lure on a Pokestop to catch more Pokemon. Sometimes, Community Day effects include 3-hour long lures. This means your regular 30-minute lures will now last for almost 6-times more. You can also use a Pokemon Go Lucky egg to increase the XP you gain within the event.

Pokestops are not simple landmarks, they replenish your consumables and more. With proper research, these stops can help you catch a Pokemon you want. Not only that but they can also make your progress faster. You never know, you might already be level 40 after a few months. Then, you can now nominate a public area near you to be a new Poketstop.

Pokemon Go Pokestops: Why Are They Important?

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