Pokemon Go Lucky Egg: Everything You Have To Know

Do you know how to use a Pokemon Go Lucky Egg properly?

Pokemon Go is one of the most successful games of this decade. Maximizing the use of smartphones, this game is a testament to mobile gaming’s evolution. We see people hang out together and meet new friends while playing Pokemon Go. This is helpful when you’re a new or returning player looking for advice. Examples of these are when to use lures or a Pokemon Go Lucky Egg. People want to maximize their experience when playing.

One of the hardest tasks in Pokemon Go is leveling up. Yes, it is much easier to gain experience when you are at a low level. But once you reach the middle point of the game it gets harder. People are looking to enjoy the game more but sometimes leveling up can feel like a chore. It will take a lot of effort to have a burst of experience to progress your level.

Well, the Pokemon Go Lucky Egg is one of the items in your bag that can help you a lot. But, if you don’t use it then it will feel like a waste. We will discuss what exactly is a Pokemon Go Lucky Egg. How and when to use it as a player. But, before that let us talk about why leveling up in Pokemon Go is important.



Leveling Up & Its Importance


Why is it so important to increase your level in Pokemon Go? Well, leveling up is very important because of the many advantages you’ll receive. Starting off, there are rewards for reaching certain levels in Pokemon Go. These items are very useful when you want to go on a Pokemon catching spree. Some of the items you can get are the Pokemon Go Lucky Egg, lure modules, egg incubators, potions, and balls. Everything that you can get as rewards from leveling up will help you in the game.

Leveling up in Pokemon Go allows access to features and items that you did not have access to before. For example, a higher tier of consumables is unlockable by reaching a certain level. These include new types of balls, potions, and berries. Access to Pokegyms is unlockable once you reach level 5.

Want to catch stronger Pokemon that are out in the wild? Then, reaching the higher levels of the game will allow that. Not only can you finally catch that basic Pokemon you’ve wanted but it’ll come with a higher combat power.



How to Gain XP in Pokemon Go?


A Pokemon Go Lucky Egg increases the XP you receive
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There are many ways to get XP or experience points in-game. The easiest methods of getting XP is by catching a Pokemon and spinning a Pokestop each day. Every Pokemon you catch gives out XP and more if they get added to your Pokedex. You can also build a streak to get more experience points when playing. Throwing curveballs plus getting great & excellent tosses can give you more XP

Remember, a new Pokemon added to your Pokedex gives out experience. The best way to do that is by evolving your Pokemon. That is what you call hitting two birds with one stone. You can also get experience from using berries on a Gym defender.

Participating in raids and gym battles can give a lot of XP. Beating a Legendary Raid will help you get a lot of XP in-game. Adding friends can also give XP depending on the tier your in-game friendship is in. Sending a gift every day allows players to increase their friendship level. The higher your friendship is to someone, the higher the experience rewards you can get.

Now that you know how you can gain XP in-game, let us now introduce you to a very helpful item.



What is A Pokemon Go Lucky Egg?


The Pokemon Go Lucky Egg is an in-game consumable. This consumable allows you to double your experience gain for 30 minutes. Yes, every XP you’ll get during this period gets doubled. Lucky Eggs are finite items and getting them might not be as easy as you think. 

A Pokemon Go Lucky Egg is attainable in two ways. The first way to get a Pokemon Go Lucky Egg is by leveling up and receiving it as a reward. But, for people who are already at the level cap or out of lucky eggs, there is another option. Pokemon Go Lucky Eggs are available at the Shop menu. There are many offers for these eggs in exchange for Pokecoins. These coins are purchasable by real-life money through your credit card.



How To Access The Pokemon Go Lucky Egg


Here is how to access the Pokemon Go Lucky Egg
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Pokemon Go Lucky Eggs are finite consumables. Sure, you can get some of them by leveling up in the game. But, using it at the wrong time or situations will make it feel like a waste. Before we give out a few tips on when to use an egg, let’s discuss how you can get access. 


Activate the effect by pressing the egg
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First, click the Pokeball icon and go to the items menu. Then, scroll down until you see the Lucky Egg on your item bag. There will also be an indicator of how much do you currently own. Next, you press on the lucky egg and press once again when it shows up on your screen. Finally, the effect will be up and you’ll see a timer on your screen.


You can see the timer when the lucky egg’s effect is active
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When To Properly Use A Pokemon Go Lucky Egg


Now, one of the best times to use a Lucky Egg is during events. Monthly Pokemon Go Community Days allow you to catch a specific Pokemon for 3 hours. You can take advantage of this by using a Lucky Egg when catching the featured Pokemon. 

Once the event is over you can now get all the candies and evolve that Pokemon. It is better that you evolve monsters while using a Lucky Egg. The XP rewarded from evolving a monster and adding them to your Pokedex will get doubled. There are also instances where the bonus effect of a Community Day is an increase in XP. That is another reason why using a Lucky Egg on Community Day events is a good idea.

You can also use the Lucky Egg when you are going on a whole day adventure. If you’re looking to catch different Pokemon the whole day, then that’s a good time to use this. Another great suggestion is when your doing gym battles and raids with friends. This allows you to maximize XP gained from battling.

Speaking of friends, if you know how to time it you can pop an Egg when you are about to reach a new friendship level.



Final Thoughts


Always remember to follow rules & regulations when playing Pokemon Go. It is best to be aware of the situation to avoid accidents from happening. Also, be mindful and respectful of other players in the community. Always bring refreshments to help stay hydrated when catching Pokemon for long periods.

Pokemon Go Lucky Egg: Everything You Have To Know

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