Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus syncing via Bluetooth

Niantic’s Pokemon Go is a smash hit ever since its launch in the year of 2016. People worldwide have traveled for miles just to catch every Pokemon available. With continuous development support and several added content, Pokemon Go is here to stay. The game is free to play but if you want an advantage, you might consider purchasing Pokemon Go Plus!

Playing Pokemon Go out on the streets
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As we all know, Pokemon Go revolutionized mobile gaming by its successful use of Augmented reality. Mixing 3d graphics with real-life scenery to enhance the experience.

But what makes purchasing Pokemon Go Plus special as an added accessory?

Pokemon Go Plus is not just a mere accessory, this device allows you to have a fair advantage against other players.

You may ask what is Pokemon Go Plus and how does it work?

Fear not, as we’ll take a look at this accessory and why you should purchase one for yourself.


What is Pokemon Go Plus?


Pokemon Go Plus kit packaging
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Pokemon Go Plus is an added accessory that you can purchase to enhance your playing experience. When you purchase a Pokemon Go Plus bundle, it comes with a bracelet that you can connect to your ios or Android device. This bracelet is not just for show as it improves the quality of life for players.

Pokemon Go Plus device out of the packaging
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For starters, The Pokemon Go Plus bracelet features an iconic image of a poke ball. In the middle of that design is an LED light which will be essential to its features.

Aside from the light-up feature, there is also a button on your bracelet which allows you to experience quality of life improvements in the game.

However, this device is not just limited to a bracelet. If you want a more subtle look then you can remove the device from the bracelet itself. Clip it to your shirt’s pocket and you are then set to go. However, be aware that to do this you will need a screwdriver.

Pokemon Go Plus clipped onto a shirt pocket
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Additional information regarding the hardware is available on the Pokemon website’s support page. For Pokemon Go Plus hardware reviews, there are reviews on the product available on Buy this gadget now and experience quality of life improvements when you play Pokemon Go!


Advantages of Purchasing Pokemon Go Plus



Pokemon Go Plus being worn as a bracelet
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People don’t just buy an accessory just for the looks, right? They are more interested in the advantages of buying that accessory. Pokemon Go Plus bundle makes things better for players but what does it do? Here are its features and how it improves your Pokemon Go experience.

Pokemon Go Plus allows players to have the ability to play the game without looking at their screens. This is very important especially for players that are either driving or walking.

The Pokemon Go Plus achieves this through vibrating and lighting up when you pass by a poke stop or a Pokemon.

Every color indicates a different scenario that you have to act on by pressing the button on your Plus accessory.

Here is what these lights indicate and how you can respond to them.

White – This light indicates that a Pokemon is near-by your location which you already caught before. To catch this Pokemon, you’ll have to press the button on your Plus accessory. Then it will blink the same number of times when catching a monster via your phone’s screen. The result will be indicated by different colors, red means failure while several colors indicates success in catching that monster.

Yellow – This color indicates that there is a nearby Pokemon that you haven’t yet previously caught. You will need to use the button to catch this Pokemon. The light-up feature for the result is still red or green.

Blue – Blue light means that a Pokestop is nearby and to get all the rewards for visiting it you have to press the button. A violet light will flash to indicate a successful spin.

Down to its core, the Pokemon Go Plus add-on gives an advantage with its quality of life improvements.


Disadvantages of Purchasing Pokemon Go Plus

For every positive effect, there would be negative attributes attached to it. They say nothing is perfect and when it comes to Pokemon Go Plus, there are a few things that you have to know and consider.

First and foremost is the price of the Pokemon Go Plus accessory. The whole bundle is being sold at a pricy sum and that might throw off some people. That’s a relatively huge sum to pay for an accessory that you can only use for one game.

Another drawback to the Pokemon Go Plus device is that you’ll only have one shot at catching a Pokemon. Yes, there are no retries unlike when you are playing with the game itself via your phone. To some players, this might not be a big deal but if the Pokemon that showed up is new then that is heartbreaking.

Lastly, since the Pokemon Go Plus needs to be synced via Bluetooth, you can expect technical problems. This is problematic as you need to re-sync both devices and if it happens at the wrong time then that’s a game-changer.


Is it worth it?

Of course, you’ll have to ask yourself this before purchasing a Pokemon Go Plus kit. Depending on how you play the game, then the answer will vary. If you are looking for an improvement with the quality of life while playing, then yes this is for you. However, if you are a casual player that just wants to have fun then this device is passable.

Make no mistake, this device has more pros than cons but it’ll actually depend on your level as a player. Having access to Pokemon Go features while you’re on the go is big and literally a lifesaver. Players can focus on driving or walking and have their full attention on the road.

The Pokemon Go Plus bundle is available on and on the Pokemon website. For more information here is a link to the support page from the official Pokemon website.

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