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Terrarium TV APK: What It Is & How To Install

Screenshot from Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV APK provides an alternative way for you to install the app straight to your device. This means that you don’t have to download the app from Google Play. You don’t have to go through the hassle of inputting your credentials like how Google Play requires you to do so. You also don’t have to go to the developer’s website to download the app.

terrarium tv apk
Screenshot from Terrarium TV

Like Popcorn Time, Terrarium TV offers a free alternative to fee-based streaming services. Popcorn Time uses BitTorrent to download content for free from torrent sites. But as its platform seemed to promote content piracy, Popcorn Time shut down.

Terrarium TV APK: Why Do You Need It?

Unlike Popcorn Time, Terrarium TV collects links. These links point to sites where you can watch content. Yet Terrarium TV doesn’t bother to inspect if these links are from legitimate sites. Hence, there’s a possibility that you would encounter pirated content on Terrarium TV. This content aggregation scheme called the attention of ISPs and Hollywood. This led to Terrarium TVs eventual shutdown.

When it was still active, users go to to get the Terrarium TV app. But with the shutdown, visitors of the site will now see a goodbye letter from the developer. This confirms that the app is gone for good. It even encourages you to use apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix to consume content.

terrarium tv apk
Screenshot from Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV APK download sites and its alternatives fill the vacuum left behind. Many Terrarium TV alternatives are available online. But many people still prefer using the actual app. Terrarium TV features a simple interface that makes it popular among users.

Like the original app, Terrarium TV APK can install and run on different devices. It caters to Android devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, and TV boxes. Amazon Fire TV, which operates on Android-based Fire OS, can also run the app. It can also run on non-Android devices with Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS and macOS. But these devices need an Android app emulator to run it.

Let us take a look at the steps on how to install Terrarium TV APK. Whether you are running an Android, Amazon Fire TV or a Windows device, these steps are for you.

terrarium tv apk
Screenshot from Terrarium TV

Installation on Android Devices

This installation mode of works on Android devices. These include smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and TV boxes. In this example, Streaming Nerds used an Android device to install the APK. You may also watch his video here.

  1. Go to the Settings Tab.
  2. Proceed to Security & Restrictions.
  3. Enable Unknown Sources.
  4. Go back to the Home screen.
  5. Open Chrome and go to
  6. Download Filelinked then install.
  7. Enter code 93080687 and pin 9999.
  8. On Streaming Nerds, download Terrarium TV.
  9. Install the app.
  10. Go back to the Home screen.
  11. Launch Terrarium TV.

Installation on Amazon Fire TV

Like in the case of Android devices, the APK can also be available through other sources. In this case, we used YouTuber NextTimeTech as the source of our APK. He also has a step-by-step guide on YouTube. If you need a visualization, watch it here.

  1. Go to the Settings Tab.
  2. Look for My Fire TV or My Device.
  3. Go to Developer Options.
  4. Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.
  5. Go back to the Home screen.
  6. On the Search Bar, look for Downloader.
  7. Download Downloader and open it.
  8. Input
  9. Hit go and auto-download the Filelinked app.
  10. Input code 14720896.
  11. On NextTimeTech, download MX Player.
  12. Proceed on downloading the Terrarium TV APK.
  13. Go back to the Home screen.
  14. Move Terrarium TV to the front.
  15. Launch Terrarium TV.

Installation on Windows PC

An Android app, Terrarium TV is not compatible with Microsoft Windows by default. To solve this, we’ll need the help of an emulator such as BlueStacks. Assuming that you don’t have BlueStacks yet, NextTimeTech provides a step-by-step process. You may also watch his video here.

  1. On the Internet, search Terrarium TV APK.
  2. Download Terrarium TV APK.
  3. Then look for BlueStacks and download it.
  4. Once installed, enter your Google credentials.
  5. On BlueStack, go to My Apps.
  6. Click the Install APK button.
  7. Select Terrarium TV then hit open.

Once Terrarium TV APK installed, customize the settings based on your preference. You should be able to select and watch the movie or TV show that you want. Do note that you may need to install a VPN before running Terrarium TV on your device. Do note that Terrarium TV may not work on your device. In any case, there are many Terrarium TV alternatives out there. Stay tuned as we take a look at them one by one.

Terrarium TV APK: What It Is & How To Install

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