Walmart Unveils New Generative AI Search And AI Replenishment Features At CES


In a recent keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Walmart showcased its latest technological advancements aimed at enhancing the shopping experience for its customers.

Key Takeaway

Walmart’s latest technological innovations, including generative AI search and AI replenishment, aim to revolutionize the shopping experience by offering personalized, efficient, and interactive solutions for customers.

Generative AI Search Feature

One of the most significant reveals is the introduction of a new generative AI search feature on iOS. This innovative tool allows customers to search for products based on specific use cases, rather than by product or brand names. For instance, users can now search for items needed for a “football watch party” and receive tailored search results spanning various categories.

AI Replenishment

Additionally, Walmart is testing an AI-powered replenishment system, initially through its Walmart InHome Replenishment program. This system utilizes AI and Walmart’s existing replenishment expertise to automatically create online shopping carts for customers with regularly ordered items. The items are then delivered to the customer’s designated location, offering a convenient and efficient shopping experience.

Shop with Friends and Adaptive Retail

Moreover, the retail giant unveiled “Shop with Friends,” an AR shopping tool that enables customers to share virtual outfits with friends and receive feedback. This feature integrates Walmart’s AI-powered virtual try-on technology with social elements, enhancing the interactive shopping experience.

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