TikTok Introduces New Tools And Technology To Label AI Content


TikTok, the popular short-video platform, has introduced new features to address concerns regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation. The company is launching a tool that allows creators to label their AI-generated content, as well as testing automatic labeling for AI-generated content.

Key Takeaway

TikTok has introduced a new tool that enables creators to label their AI-generated content. This step enhances transparency and helps viewers understand whether the content has been heavily edited or created with AI. TikTok is also testing automatic detection and labeling of AI content.

Enhancing Transparency and Preventing Misleading Information

TikTok aims to provide transparency around the use of AI and prevent the spread of misleading content. The platform has updated its policy to require creators to disclose AI-generated content that contains realistic images, audio, or video, such as deepfakes. However, there is a gray area where certain AI-generated content may appear real or fake, hence the need for more transparency.

The New Labeling Tool for Creators

TikTok’s new tool allows creators to label AI-generated content and will be available during the video upload process. When a creator uses this tool, TikTok will display a message below the username on the video, indicating that the content has been labeled as AI-generated. This tool not only helps creators comply with existing synthetic media policies but also allows them to label other content that has been significantly edited using AI.

It is important to note that TikTok will not penalize creators for not labeling AI content that does not fall under the existing synthetic media policy.

Automatic Detection and Labeling of AI Content

TikTok is also working on developing technology to automatically detect and label AI-generated content. The platform will begin testing an “AI-generated” label, which will be applied to any content that is identified as edited or created with AI. The specifics of how TikTok’s detection technology will work remain undisclosed, as sharing such details could potentially be exploited by bad actors. However, the platform is testing different detection models and considering partnerships to enhance AI detection capabilities.

Industry-wide Efforts for AI Labeling

TikTok joins other platforms, including OpenAI and Google, in implementing AI detection capabilities. Instagram is also reportedly working on a feature to highlight AI-created or edited content. The European Union is advocating for platforms to label AI content to combat disinformation.

As part of its transparency initiative, TikTok will now rename all its effects that utilize AI by explicitly including “AI” in their names. Additionally, educational videos and media literacy resources will be provided to users to enhance their understanding of AI.

TikTok consulted with its Safety Advisory Councils and industry experts, including MIT’s Dr. David G. Rand, to develop the new AI labels. The term “AI-generated” was chosen as it is widely understood across demographic groups.

These updates reflect TikTok’s commitment to responsible AI practices and transparency. The AI labels will be rolled out gradually.

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