Tesla’s Dojo Supercomputer Finds Home In Buffalo, New York


Key Takeaway

The transportation and mobility industry is witnessing a mix of challenges and strategic moves, with companies navigating economic pressures and regulatory scrutiny while also making significant investments in climate-focused startups and advanced technology.

Welcome to the latest update on the world of transportation and mobility. This week, we have some interesting developments in the autonomous vehicle and EV industry, as well as some significant investments and strategic shifts in the market. Let's dive into the details.

Autonomous Vehicle and EV Startups Facing Economic Challenges

Despite some easing of economic headwinds, companies in the autonomous vehicle and EV space are still feeling the pinch. Several startups, including Aurora Innovation, Polestar, Flexport, and Veho, have resorted to layoffs and job cuts in a bid to manage costs and extend their capital runways. Reports suggest that even companies that have gone public, such as Canoo and Faraday Future, are implementing measures like reducing salaries and furloughing employees to navigate the current challenges.

Investment Highlights in the Climate-Focused Startups

ArcTern, a Toronto-based firm, has closed a $335 million fund aimed at investing in climate-focused startups, particularly those focused on decarbonizing mobility. The firm sees potential in the North American market for a significant uptick in EV adoption, similar to the trend observed in Norway. Additionally, several other deals, including investments in Clearmotion, Corvus Energy, Monta, and Sion Power, have caught the attention of industry observers.

Vroom's Strategic Shift and Workforce Reduction

Vroom, an online used car marketplace, has announced a significant strategic shift, deciding to focus its resources and capital on auto financing and AI-powered analytics. As a result, the company is shutting down its online used car marketplace, leading to a workforce reduction of about 90%.

Challenges and Investigations at Cruise

Cruise, a subsidiary of GM, has been under scrutiny following an incident that led to the loss of its permits to operate robotaxis in California. An internal review revealed a series of missteps, including a lack of judgment, leadership issues, and strained relations with regulators. The company is also facing investigations from multiple agencies, including the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Developments in Electric Vehicles and In-Car Technology

Porsche has unveiled two variants of the Macan EV, while Tesla's recent earnings report highlighted record EV deliveries but also revealed challenges in terms of profits and operating income. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz inadvertently exposed its source code, and Tesla announced plans to invest $500 million in building its "Dojo" supercomputer at its Buffalo, New York factory.

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