Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Set For Nov. 30: A Milestone Event For The Highly Anticipated Electric Pickup


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently announced that the highly anticipated Cybertruck will finally begin deliveries on November 30th. This news comes as a relief to many eagerly awaiting customers, as previous deadlines for delivery had been missed.

Key Takeaway

Tesla has announced that the first deliveries of the Cybertruck will take place on November 30th at the company’s Austin gigafactory. Despite the missed deadlines and production challenges, Tesla remains committed to bringing this innovative vehicle to market.

Delivery Event at Austin Gigafactory

Musk revealed on social media that the Cybertruck delivery event will take place at Tesla’s Austin gigafactory. This event typically entails a select group of customers taking possession of their vehicles. The announcement came on the same day that Tesla reported its third-quarter earnings, which showed a 44% drop in profits compared to the same period last year.

Pilot Production Underway

While the delivery date had not been included in the earnings report, Tesla did mention that pilot production of the Cybertruck has already begun at the Giga Texas factory. This indicates that the company remains on track to fulfill its promise of initial deliveries this year.

Production Challenges Ahead

Despite the excitement surrounding the Cybertruck, Tesla acknowledges the significant challenges it will face in achieving volume production. Musk emphasized during the earnings call that it will take approximately 18 months for the Cybertruck to become cashflow positive. He also acknowledged the difficulty of creating a truly innovative and unique vehicle, stating that “the more uncharted the territory, the less predictable the outcome.”

Investing in the Future

As Tesla pushes forward with Cybertruck production, the company is also ramping up spending on AI development. This investment aims to bring Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer online, which will enhance the automaker’s self-driving capabilities and support the development of the humanoid robot Optimus.

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