Tesla’s Cybertruck: An In-Depth Look At The Much-Hyped Electric Pickup



Tesla is about to launch its highly anticipated Cybertruck electric pickup, which has been generating a lot of buzz in the automotive industry. This boxy vehicle marks Tesla’s first new model since the introduction of the Model Y in 2020. However, the initial debut of the Cybertruck goes back even further, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk showcasing an early version of the pickup at a memorable event in 2019, where it inadvertently smashed two windows while demonstrating its durability.

Key Takeaway

Tesla’s Cybertruck electric pickup is set to make its debut, generating significant excitement in the automotive industry. The steel-clad vehicle with its unique design and advanced features offers a glimpse into the future of pickup trucks. While availability may be limited initially, Tesla enthusiasts eagerly await its mass production in 2024. The Cybertruck’s impact on the environment and its practicality for various transportation needs are areas of ongoing discussion. Stay tuned for further updates as more details are revealed during Tesla’s upcoming delivery event.

What is the Cybertruck?

The Cybertruck is an electric pickup truck constructed with a steel body, manufactured by Tesla. According to Musk, the vehicle has a length of fewer than 19 feet and features a spacious bed that extends over six feet. It has four doors and can accommodate up to six adults. Tesla initially revealed the specs of the Cybertruck in 2019, including three variants of the vehicle. These variants ranged from a single-motor version priced at $39,900, offering rear-wheel drive and a range of 250 miles, to heavier versions comparable to the weight of a Hummer.

Why does the Cybertruck look like that?

The Cybertruck’s distinctive design, sometimes referred to as “Cybrtrk,” embraces a cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic aesthetic. Elon Musk deliberately chose this look for the vehicle, and it is reinforced by the neon logo and the use of steel in its construction. The rigidity of the steel material influenced the geometric design of the Cybertruck, resulting in delays during its launch and some reported panel gaps on the test vehicles.

Availability and Reselling

Tesla plans to begin mass production of the Cybertruck in 2024. However, initially securing a Cybertruck may prove challenging, as priority will be given to early adopters who reserved the vehicle as far back as 2019. For those who are eager to own a Cybertruck, listings have appeared on eBay with prices as high as $10,000. However, caution is advised when considering such offers, as their legitimacy may be difficult to verify. Tesla has previously expressed concerns about reselling and threatened to impose penalties on early resellers, but its current stance on the matter is unclear based on a recent update to its U.S. order agreement page.

Practicality and Climate Impact

The size of the Cybertruck’s bed raises questions about its utility for transporting items such as bicycles. While it boasts a bed length of over six feet, fitting a full-sized adult bicycle may require extending one wheel over the tailgate. As for its environmental impact, electric vehicles like the Cybertruck are generally considered more eco-friendly than their gasoline-powered counterparts due to their lack of tailpipe emissions. However, it should be noted that all cars have some environmental footprint, including EVs, which require lithium batteries, contribute to tire particle pollution, and demand significant energy for production and operation. The size of the Cybertruck, along with its weight, has also raised concerns among experts due to the increased energy consumption and potential safety risks associated with larger vehicles.

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