Tesla’s Resurgence Of $50,000 Threat To Cybertruck Resellers Raises Eyebrows


Tesla’s stance against scalpers and resellers of its Cybertruck appears to be back in force, as an early buyer recently discovered. The buyer shared a screenshot of the updated order agreement, which includes a clause warning buyers that selling the vehicle within the first year without permission from Tesla could result in substantial penalties.

Key Takeaway

Tesla seems to have reinstated its strict policy against selling or transferring Cybertruck ownership within the first year without permission. This serves as a clear message to scalpers and resellers that the company is serious about protecting its products and preserving the exclusivity of ownership for legitimate buyers.

An Ominous Reminder

The screenshot reveals that Cybertruck buyers must adhere to a strict policy prohibiting the sale or transfer of the vehicle during the initial year of ownership. Failure to comply could lead to Tesla seeking injunctive relief to halt the transfer of title, or demanding a hefty sum of $50,000 or the value received for the sale, whichever is greater.

This reinstated policy mirrors the controversial reseller clause that caused a stir when first introduced a month ago. Despite the new evidence, Tesla has yet to provide any official statement regarding the reimplementation of this legal threat. Additionally, it remains unclear whether these restrictions will apply to all Cybertruck sales or solely the initial production edition, known as the “Foundation Series.”

Combatting Scalpers and Resellers

This move by Tesla is consistent with its past efforts to discourage scalpers and resellers from taking advantage of its products. The company has even gone as far as maintaining a “do not sell list” to identify potential scalpers and resellers and prevent them from purchasing its vehicles.

Notably, Tesla has recently started delivering its first few Cybertrucks, providing further updates and insights during a livestreamed event. This event shed light on how the electric pickup truck measures up against other high-end models in the market. Additionally, Tesla unveiled that the cheapest variant of the Cybertruck, equipped with rear-wheel drive and one motor, is expected to arrive in 2025 with an estimated price tag of $60,990.

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