Tesla’s Model 3 And Model Y Drive Record-Breaking Year For Electric Vehicle Shipments


Tesla has achieved a new milestone by shipping a record number of electric vehicles in the fourth quarter, surpassing its annual targets. The company’s press release revealed that it delivered 1.81 million EVs in 2023, slightly exceeding its initial goal of 1.8 million. Notably, the success was predominantly attributed to the strong performance of its most affordable EVs, the Model 3 and Model Y, which collectively accounted for over 96% of the vehicles produced and shipped throughout the year.

Key Takeaway

Tesla’s record-breaking year in electric vehicle shipments was primarily driven by the exceptional performance of its affordable Model 3 and Model Y. The company’s strong finish in the fourth quarter, coupled with its resilience in the face of pricing challenges and global competition, underscores its continued dominance in the EV market.

Tesla’s Fourth Quarter Performance

In the fourth quarter alone, Tesla manufactured nearly 500,000 cars across its facilities in California, Texas, Germany, and China. The company’s global deliveries for the same period reached 484,507, marking a significant achievement. This includes the initial shipments of the highly anticipated Cybertruck, priced at approximately $100,000. However, specific figures for Cybertruck deliveries are combined with Model S and X sales under an “other models” category, making it challenging to discern the exact number of Cybertrucks sent to customers thus far.

Recovery and Expansion

Tesla’s strong finish in the year follows a temporary decline in deliveries during the third quarter, primarily due to factory shutdowns. These setbacks impacted CEO Elon Musk’s ambitious target of producing 2 million cars in 2023. Throughout the year, the company grappled with pricing adjustments, initially implementing substantial price cuts that affected its industry-leading profit margins.

The company’s remarkable performance can also be attributed to its success in the competitive Chinese market. Despite intensifying competition and widespread price reductions from rival manufacturers like BYD, Tesla has maintained its position as a leading player in the global EV industry.

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