The 5 Electric Vehicles Qualifying For Full Federal Tax Credit In 2024


The U.S. government has recently disclosed the list of electric vehicles that are eligible for the full federal tax credit under the new, more rigorous guidelines. The list is quite concise, featuring only 5 electric vehicles that meet the criteria for the $7,500 rebate. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Key Takeaway

The updated federal EV tax credit has resulted in a concise list of eligible electric vehicles, with only 5 models qualifying for the full $7,500 rebate. The criteria aim to influence the EV supply chain and promote production in North America, offering significant benefits for consumers while posing challenges for automakers.

New Criteria and Eligible Vehicles

The updated requirements have led to a limited number of electric vehicles qualifying for the full federal tax credit. The eligible vehicles include the outgoing Chevy Bolt from General Motors, certain variants of the Ford F-150 Lightning, and Tesla’s Model 3, Model Y, and Model X. Additionally, specific variants of Rivian’s R1S and R1T, along with a few plug-in hybrids, qualify for a $3,750 rebate. Notably, Chrysler’s Pacifica plug-in hybrid remains eligible for the full credit.

Reasons for Limited Eligibility

The stringent criteria aim to influence the EV supply chain, encouraging a shift away from heavy reliance on Chinese suppliers and promoting production in North America. This shift is driven by the need to diversify the supply chain for battery materials and components. As a result, vehicles heavily reliant on Chinese suppliers for these components are losing eligibility. Furthermore, vehicles must be built in North America and must meet specific price thresholds to qualify for the credit.

Benefits for Consumers

Despite the limited number of qualifying vehicles, the updated federal EV tax credit offers significant benefits for consumers. The credit is now applied at the time of vehicle purchase, eliminating the need to wait for a tax return. Additionally, buyers no longer need to have a tax liability equal to or greater than the amount of the credit, making it more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Future Outlook

Some automakers, such as GM, are actively working to replace components that disqualify their EVs from the credit, potentially expanding the list of qualifying vehicles. Many automakers and suppliers are also accelerating the construction of new factories in North America to meet the evolving criteria. Despite the current limitations, there is potential for the list of eligible vehicles to grow in the coming year.

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