Telegram’s Latest Update Redesigns Call Interface To Save Phone Battery


Telegram has announced a new update that brings a fresh look to its call interface, aiming to minimize the usage of a phone’s battery. This update also includes additional features such as new animations and enhancements to the app’s bot platform.

Key Takeaway

Telegram’s latest update focuses on optimizing the call interface to conserve phone battery, while also introducing new features such as enhanced bot capabilities and fun animations, as the app continues to evolve in the competitive messaging landscape.

Redesigned Call Interface

The update introduces a redesigned call interface with dynamically changing backgrounds based on the call’s status, whether it’s ringing, active, or ended. This new interface is optimized to consume fewer resources, ultimately leading to battery savings and improved performance, particularly on older devices. The update also promises enhancements to call quality, with plans for further improvements in connection and audio quality slated for 2024.

Enhancements to Bot Platform

Telegram’s bot platform is also receiving updates, allowing developers to integrate services more seamlessly into the Telegram ecosystem. Bots will now have the ability to react to messages, manage reactions, quotes, and links, as well as send replies to other chats or topics. Additionally, bots can now access information about giveaways and boosts in channels where they are admins.

Vaporize Animation and Additional Features

Furthermore, Telegram is introducing its vaporize animation to both iOS and Android users, adding a touch of fun to the app. This new effect will play when a user deletes a message. The update also follows recent improvements to channels, emoji customization for reactions, and stats for stories, as Telegram continues to compete with WhatsApp.

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