Tesla’s Cheapest Cybertruck Delayed Until 2025: Disappointing News For Potential Buyers


Electric vehicle enthusiasts eager to get their hands on Tesla’s most affordable Cybertruck model will have to wait longer than expected. The American automaker recently clarified, following its much-awaited delivery event, that the cheapest variant of the Cybertruck will not be available until 2025.

Key Takeaway

Tesla has announced that the cheapest version of the Cybertruck will only be available in 2025, disappointing fans looking for an affordable electric pickup truck. The initial projected price of $39,900 has been revised to $60,990, making it more expensive than competitors like the Ford Lightning and Silverado EV.

Initial Promise and Price Fluctuations

In 2019, Tesla unveiled its plans for a single-motor Cybertruck variant with rear-wheel drive. The company claimed it would have a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds and a range of 250 miles. Originally, Tesla projected a price tag of $39,900 for this version. However, various factors, including the impact of the pandemic and delays related to the Cybertruck’s unique rigid steel body, led to a change in plans.

With time, Tesla adjusted its price estimates for the Cybertruck. The current projection is $60,990, or $53,490 after deducting $7,500 in federal tax credits. This places the starting price above competitors like the Ford Lightning and Silverado EV, both priced around $50,000.

A Distant Hope for a Lower Price

While Tesla has a history of reducing prices on its electric vehicles over time, securing a $39,900 Cybertruck by 2025 seems increasingly unlikely given the current estimates. Future price changes may occur, but for now, potential buyers will have to prepare for a higher starting price than previously anticipated.

As Tesla continues to make headlines with its innovative electric vehicles, the Cybertruck’s delayed release is a reminder that even highly anticipated models can face unforeseen challenges. While the Cybertruck promises unique features, including its rigid steel body, potential buyers may need to adjust their expectations and timelines accordingly.

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