Tesla Cyberbeast: A Comparison To Other High-Priced Electric Pickups


During its highly anticipated delivery event, Tesla finally unveiled more details about the final production versions of the Cybertruck electric pickup. With a focus on showcasing its superiority over competitors, such as Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Rivian’s R1T, Tesla highlighted key specs and features of its high-priced variant, the Cyberbeast.

Key Takeaway

Tesla’s Cyberbeast, the high-priced variant of the Cybertruck, offers competitive range and towing capacity compared to its rivals. Despite being slightly lighter and shorter, the Cyberbeast still holds its own as a heavyweight powerhouse. With its impressive speed capabilities, the Cyberbeast demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to delivering a high-performance electric pickup.

Range and Battery Life

Tesla estimates that the Cyberbeast will have a range of 320 miles on a single charge, which can be extended further with an external battery pack. Ford’s 2023 F-150 Lightning Platinum, on the other hand, boasts a slightly lower range of 300 miles. Rivian’s top-tier RT1 with quad-motor AWD surpasses both with a range of 328 miles.

Weight and Size

Weighing in at 6,843 lbs, the Cyberbeast is indeed a beast in terms of weight. However, it still falls slightly behind the F-150 Lightning Platinum (6,893 lbs) and Rivian RT1 (7,148 lbs). As electric pickups continue to grow in size, the Cyberbeast holds its own as a heavyweight contender on the road.

Towing Capacity

Tesla advertises a maximum towing capacity of 11,000 lbs for the Cyberbeast, putting it on par with Rivian’s claimed capability but falling short of Ford’s advertised max of 15,900 lbs. While the Cyberbeast may not be the strongest in this category, it still offers significant towing power.


The Cybertruck measures 223.7 inches in length, positioning it in the middle of the pack. Ford’s high-priced EV pickup surpasses it in length at 232.7 inches, while Rivian’s vehicle measures slightly shorter at 217.1 inches. In terms of height, the Cybertruck stands at 70.5 inches, slightly below Rivian’s 78.2 inches and Ford’s 77.2 inches.

Speed Capability

With a top speed of 130 MPH, the Cyberbeast outshines both the Ford and Rivian offerings, which reach a maximum speed of 110 MPH.

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