Say Goodbye To Constant Logging Out: Threads Introduces Easy Profile Switching On Its Mobile Apps


Threads, the popular social networking app owned by Meta, has unveiled a highly anticipated feature that allows users to switch effortlessly between multiple accounts without having to log out. This announcement comes as a relief to users who have been requesting this functionality for quite some time, and it demonstrates Threads’ commitment to improving user experience.

Key Takeaway:

Threads, the social networking app owned by Meta, has introduced a profile-switching feature on its mobile apps. Users can now easily switch between multiple accounts without the need to log out. This update provides a convenient solution for individuals managing both personal and work-related profiles. Threads continues to improve its platform by regularly adding new features and enhancing user experience. In a competitive social media landscape, platforms like Threads and its rivals aim to stay ahead by constantly introducing innovative features to better serve their users.

Switching profiles made simple

The new profile-switching feature, which is now available on Threads’ mobile apps, lets users seamlessly switch between different accounts. To access this feature, users can long-press on the profile icon located in the bottom right corner of the app. By doing so, they can choose the “Add profile” option and easily add new profiles to their existing accounts.

With this update, Threads has made it easier than ever for users to switch between work and personal profiles, allowing for a seamless transition between different aspects of their lives. This feature is especially useful for individuals who manage multiple accounts and need to maintain a distinct presence for each one.

No limits, no hassle

While Instagram head Adam Mosseri did not specify if there is a limit on the number of accounts users can add to the profile-switching feature, it is clear that Threads is dedicated to providing a flexible and accommodating experience for its users. Whether you have two or twenty accounts, Threads will allow you to effortlessly navigate between them without any hassle.

Continual improvement

Threads continues to enhance its platform by introducing new features, even months after its initial launch. Last month, the app began testing full-text search capabilities in New Zealand and Australia, providing users with a more comprehensive search experience. Additionally, Threads recently rolled out a global search functionality, further expanding the reach of its search capabilities.

The development team behind Threads remains proactive in responding to user feedback and demands, aiming to deliver a top-notch user experience. In September, the app introduced features such as enabling notifications for 24 hours for a particular post and the ability to quote posts on the web. These updates not only improve the app’s functionality but also enhance user engagement and interaction.

A competitive social media landscape

Threads is not the only player in the game, as its rivals also strive to deliver innovative features in the highly competitive social media landscape. This week, Mastodon launched version 4.2, featuring improved search options for profiles and posts, automatic quick action suggestions in the search box, a revamped web interface with enhanced thread indicators and article previews, and a new Privacy and Reach settings tab. These advancements demonstrate the ongoing efforts of social networking platforms to stay ahead by providing users with a seamless and tailored experience.

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