PatSnap Unveils CoPilot, Its New AI Assistant To Revolutionize IP And R&D Workflows


Singapore-based PatSnap, established in 2007, has introduced CoPilot, an AI assistant designed to enhance the efficiency of IP and R&D professionals. CoPilot is a significant addition to PatSnap’s suite of AI products, aiming to expedite patent and non-patent literature searches, ultimately facilitating faster workflows across the company’s product range.

Key Takeaway

PatSnap’s CoPilot, the new AI assistant, aims to expedite patent and non-patent literature searches, ultimately streamlining workflows for IP and R&D professionals.

Enhancing IP and R&D Workflows

CoPilot is set to revolutionize the way IP and R&D teams conduct searches within patents, non-patent literature, and technical news. It offers automatic summaries of patent claims, facilitates technology exploration, and provides links to relevant company patents, among other features. Additionally, the AI assistant assists in staying updated with rapidly evolving sectors and offers content analysis to guide strategic patents and research.

Advanced AI Capabilities

PatSnap has invested significantly in developing its AI capabilities, with a dedicated team of over 50 engineers and millions of dollars allocated to this endeavor. The company’s CEO, Jeffrey Tiong, emphasizes that PatSnap’s mission is to eliminate friction in the innovation process for its customers, streamlining operations within IP and R&D teams.

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