New Series A-1 Funding: CoPilot Raises $6.5M To Connect Users With Remote Fitness Coaches


Pittsburgh-based startup, CoPilot, has successfully raised $6.5M in Series A-1 funding led by Jackson Square Ventures. The digital training app, founded in 2019 by CEO Matt Spettel and CTO Gabriel Madonna, aims to provide users with access to personalized fitness coaching at a fraction of the cost of an in-person trainer. With over 1.5 million workouts already completed on the platform, CoPilot connects individuals with remote fitness coaches, allowing them to receive custom fitness plans tailored to their needs.

Key Takeaway

CoPilot raises $6.5M in Series A-1 funding to provide users with affordable access to remote fitness coaches.

From Personal Journey to CoPilot

CoPilot’s mission stems from CEO Matt Spettel’s personal fitness journey and his desire to make fitness coaching more accessible to everyone. Inspired by his co-founder, Gabriel Madonna, Spettel became passionate about taking care of his body during high school. As the duo tinkered with various ideas in the fitness industry, they realized that the challenge lay in assisting the average person in knowing what to do and helping them follow through.

Revolutionizing Personal Training

CoPilot aims to address the barriers associated with traditional personal training by providing unlimited access to dedicated fitness coaches. While in-person trainers can be expensive and require gym attendance, CoPilot’s mobile app makes personalized trainers more accessible. The target demographic for CoPilot includes individuals who recognize the importance of exercise but struggle with consistency in reaching their fitness goals.

How CoPilot Works

CoPilot is available for both Android and iOS users, with a subscription cost of $99 per month. To get started, users answer a series of questions about their exercise background, preferences, and goals. Based on this information, CoPilot matches users with one of their 55 certified coaches. Users then engage in a 45-minute call with their assigned coach to discuss their goals and any available equipment. CoPilot emphasizes that no equipment is necessary, as coaches can provide tailored plans regardless.

Once the fitness plan is established, users begin their workouts asynchronously. While coaches do not monitor workouts in real-time, the app guides users through their exercises using audio prompts that mimic the coach’s voice. CoPilot also utilizes technology like motion data analysis to provide feedback on form and performance, creating a personalized coaching experience from afar.

Funding and Future Plans

The recent $6.5M funding round brings CoPilot’s total capital raised to $16.5M. The startup plans to utilize the funds to expand its team across engineering, design, and marketing. Additionally, CoPilot aims to hire more full-time coaches and systemize its growth engine.

In terms of future developments, CoPilot aims to enhance its technology to detect finer nuances in users’ form and accurately count their repetitions. The company also plans to broaden its scope beyond strength training and exercise, venturing into nutrition, physical therapy, and mental health.

With its innovative approach to fitness coaching and commitment to technology-driven, personalized experiences, CoPilot continues to empower individuals on their fitness journeys.

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