AI-Powered Reading Coach Startup Raises $15 Million To Revolutionize Child Literacy


Ello, a pioneering AI reading coach startup, has successfully raised $15 million in Series A financing to support its mission of eradicating childhood illiteracy. The company plans to utilize the funds to further develop its product and expand access to consumers.

Key Takeaway

Ello, an AI reading coach startup, has raised

5 million to support its mission of eradicating childhood illiteracy. The company offers a subscription-based service that delivers personalized 1:1 tutoring to children, combining AI technology with expert reading specialists. Ello’s proprietary speech recognition technology analyzes a child’s reading and provides personalized feedback. The company is focused on engagement and the child’s love for reading, aiming to make learning a delightful experience rather than a test. Ello has plans to partner with schools in the future and expand its offerings to different languages.

Revolutionizing Learning through AI Technology

Ello stands out as an exceptional company that combines the power of proprietary AI technology and radical innovations to provide personalized 1:1 tutoring for children. Numerous studies have consistently shown that this approach is the most effective method for learning. Goodwater Capital, the lead investor in Ello’s funding round, was particularly drawn to the company’s groundbreaking achievements in AI technology.

Targeting children from kindergarten to Grade 3, Ello is a subscription-based service that delivers five books per month for $24.99. Upon downloading the Ello app, parents answer a series of questions to determine their child’s reading level and interests. Expert reading specialists then hand-select books tailored to each child. Additional children can be added to a family account for $12.49 per child per month. Currently available as a tablet app, Ello also has plans to expand its platform to smartphones.

A Unique Learning Experience with Ello

Ello’s proprietary technology enables the app to listen to children as they read aloud and analyze their speech patterns to correct mispronunciations and missed words. Similar to a real teacher, Ello’s AI reading coach patiently waits for the child to finish reading each page before employing phonics-based strategies to teach critical reading skills. Children can also access extra help by tapping on the question mark icon.

With a background in child psychology and development, co-founder and Chief Experience Officer Dr. Elizabeth Adams describes Ello as a patient reading companion that offers support even in moments of frustration. The app also incorporates gamification mechanics, providing children with points that can be exchanged for toys and prizes as they progress each month.

Expanding Reach and Future Plans

Ello was founded in 2019 by Adams and CEO Tom Sayer, a former head of impact and adoption programs at Google for Education. The startup is continually striving to make a positive impact on children’s reading abilities, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on remote learning.

According to a 2021 study from Stanford University, reading proficiency among second- and third-graders in the U.S. was significantly below average due to the pandemic’s disruption of traditional learning environments. Adams herself encountered this problem when her own daughter struggled with reading over Zoom. Determined to create a better solution, she joined forces with Sayer to develop Ello.

Ello distinguishes itself from other ed-tech companies by focusing on engagement and fostering a love for reading, rather than relying on assessments and progress markers. While other startups, such as Amira Learning, have launched AI reading assistants, Ello specifically targets parents seeking at-home learning solutions.

Ello’s AI reading coach has even outperformed competitors such as OpenAI’s Whisper and Google Cloud’s speech API. The company boasts an impressive user base of 10,000 families, with children having read over 300,000 books on the app.

In its long-term plans, Ello aims to collaborate with schools and develop a product specifically designed for classroom settings. The company is already conducting pilot programs with approximately 30 schools, predominantly located in San Francisco and New York.

While CEO Tom Sayer did not disclose specific details of the product roadmap, he mentioned that Ello is integrating generative AI into its app and plans to launch versions of Ello in other languages. Currently, Ello is testing a German version of the app.

In conclusion, Ello’s successful funding round will propel the company forward in its mission to enhance child literacy through cutting-edge AI technology. By providing individualized tutoring and cultivating a love for reading, Ello is set to redefine the way children learn and develop their reading skills.

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