Shaquille O’Neal Bet On Edsoma’s AI-Powered EdTech Platform With $2.5M Seed Round


In a surprising twist to the usual funding trajectory of startups, NBA legend and philanthropist Shaquille O’Neal led a $2.5 million seed round for edtech startup Edsoma. The founder and CEO of Edsoma, Kyle Wallgren, didn’t directly ask O’Neal for the investment but instead sought his assistance in promoting the platform. This demonstrates O’Neal’s passion for helping children and his belief in the product, as he typically invests in real estate and technology startups.

Key Takeaway

Shaquille O’Neal led a $2.5 million seed round for Edsoma, an AI-powered reading, education, and communication platform for children. The investment was driven by O’Neal’s desire to support and promote a product that he believed in, showcasing his passion for helping children and his influence as a philanthropist.

A Game-Changing EdTech Solution for Children

Edsoma has developed a groundbreaking app that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance reading and communication skills. The app, available on both the Google Play store and Apple App store, offers a free version with limited features and a premium version priced at $9.99 per month. The premium version comes with additional benefits such as group video calling, peer reading sessions, and unlimited access to books.

Unsurprisingly, Wallgren’s demonstration of the app played a crucial role in convincing O’Neal to support the startup. Witnessing the app’s effectiveness firsthand, O’Neal became a firm believer in its potential to revolutionize education.

Rapid Growth and Future Aspirations

Despite being a relatively new player in the market, Edsoma has experienced significant growth. Starting with just 300 paid users, the platform quickly expanded to 9,000 users within its second month of operation. Wallgren attributes this success to Edsoma’s ability to cater to a wide range of users, from kindergarten to fourth grade, with plans for further expansion into higher education.

With this new funding, Edsoma plans to scale its operations and aims to become the leading literacy resource in the United States. Wallgren envisions the platform evolving into more than just an English reading tool, with ambitions to support learning in other languages, such as Spanish. This potential expansion into the ESL market highlights the versatility and adaptability of Edsoma’s technology.

Wallgren concludes, “I truly believe that we can surpass our competitors this year and emerge as leaders in the edtech space by next year.” Shaquille O’Neal’s investment further propels Edsoma towards achieving its ambitious goals, demonstrating the trust and support the NBA superstar has placed in the platform’s ability to make a lasting impact on education.

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