New Breed Of Online Education: Augment’s MBA Program


French startup Augment has recently secured a $6 million seed round led by RTP Global, with participation from Motier Ventures, Origins Fund, Kima Ventures, Bpifrance, and Financière Saint James, among others. Augment aims to revolutionize education on a global scale by offering highly polished online courses packaged as a comprehensive program. One of their key offerings is the Augment MBA, which has the potential to become an alternative to traditional Masters of Business Administration.

Key Takeaway

Augment raises $6 million in seed funding for its online MBA program, offering a unique and highly polished alternative to traditional business education.

A Digital Approach to Business Education

Augment’s flagship program, the Augment MBA, takes a fully online approach to business education. The program includes a combination of inspiring business leader videos, case studies, quizzes, written assignments, and downloadable handbooks. Although not accredited, the Augment MBA aims to deliver a comprehensive learning experience that rivals traditional in-person MBA programs.

While it’s difficult to assess the effectiveness of the Augment MBA without personal experience, the startup has showcased some fascinating videos they have produced, including interviews with business leaders such as Eventbrite co-founder Renaud Visage. The production quality appears to be of a high standard, reflecting Augment’s commitment to delivering a polished and engaging learning experience.

Since its launch six months ago, the Augment MBA has attracted over 500 students from around the world, with 80% of them coming from the United States. The program has proven popular among individuals seeking a flexible and accessible way to enhance their business skills.

The Augment Community and Future Plans

In addition to its course offerings, Augment aims to foster a sense of community among its students. The startup recognizes the importance of networking opportunities and plans to provide a platform for students to connect and collaborate even after completing the program. This community-driven approach sets Augment apart from other edtech platforms.

While the Augment MBA remains their primary focus, the company is already exploring additional formats and topics. They plan to introduce shorter, more affordable courses on specific subjects, referred to as “mini-MBA programs.” This expansion aims to cater to aspiring entrepreneurs, managers seeking to enhance their leadership skills, and technical professionals looking to develop business acumen.

Augment’s one-time payment model offers access to the platform at a cost of $1,750, differentiating it from traditional subscription-based educational platforms. The startup plans to leverage its initial success and funding to develop new programs and explore corporate offerings and bundle options, thereby expanding its reach and diversifying revenue streams.

With its innovative approach to business education and a growing global student base, Augment is poised to disrupt the traditional MBA landscape and shape the future of online learning.

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