10 Minute School: Revolutionizing Education In Bangladesh


The edtech startup 10 Minute School (10MS) is on a mission to democratize education in Bangladesh. With a focus on providing equal access to quality education, particularly in rural areas, the company offers live-streamed classes, pre-recorded lessons, and personalized quizzes through a smartphone app.

Key Takeaway

10 Minute School has secured $5.5 million in funding to revolutionize education in Bangladesh. The edtech platform aims to democratize access to quality education by providing live-streamed classes, pre-recorded lessons, and personalized quizzes through a smartphone app. With a focus on rural areas and addressing educational inequalities, 10MS is set on transforming the education landscape in Bangladesh.

A Game-Changing Investment

10MS recently announced that it has raised $5.5 million in pre-Series A funding, the highest seed-stage funding ever secured by a Bangladeshi startup. This brings the company’s total raised funds to an impressive $7.5 million. The investment was led by Conjunction Capital, with participation from Peak XV’s Surge (formerly Sequoia Capital India), Startup Bangladesh Limited, CRED founder and CEO Kunal Shah, MyAsiaVC managing partner Sajid Rahman, and several local angel investors.

Addressing Educational Inequalities

Co-founder Ayman Sadiq started 10MS as a YouTube channel in 2015, aiming to provide free educational content to students who couldn’t afford private tutoring or travel to the capital city, Dhaka. Inspired by platforms like Khan Academy and edX, Sadiq saw the potential for scalable online learning. The platform gained traction, reaching over 100,000 followers on YouTube.

With the pandemic accelerating the need for remote learning, 10MS realized the importance of creating a sustainable business model. The company introduced a paid version, which gained over 100,000 paid users. This success prompted the search for investors, resulting in a $2 million seed funding round in 2022 led by Surge.

Expanding Accessibility and Quality

With its new funding, 10MS plans to further invest in its technology capabilities, content creation, and operations. The goal is to provide personalized learning experiences for students by leveraging artificial intelligence. The company aims to hire more engineers and product managers to support the development of its tech infrastructure.

Another area of investment for 10MS is creating content that aligns with Bangladesh’s evolving K12 curriculum. As the government introduces changes to the national curriculum, the company aims to support students by providing up-to-date resources and materials.

Democratizing Education Through Edtech

Access to quality education remains a significant challenge in Bangladesh, particularly in rural areas. With over 42 million students enrolled in the K12 system, many lack access to quality teachers and educational resources. Edtech platforms like 10 Minute School have the potential to bridge this gap by providing affordable and easily accessible education on smartphones.

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