SnapEDA Rebrands As SnapMagic And Introduces AI Copilot For Circuit Board Design Automation


Electrical engineering platform SnapEDA is undergoing a rebranding as SnapMagic and launching a suite of innovative features aimed at revolutionizing electronics design. With a user base of over 1.5 million engineers globally and partnerships with major component suppliers like Texas Instruments and Samtec, SnapMagic aims to streamline and automate circuit board design processes.

Key Takeaway

SnapEDA, now rebranded as SnapMagic, has unveiled SnapMagic Copilot, an AI-powered tool that automates circuit board design. Aimed at reducing the time and effort spent on creating digital models and recommending components, SnapMagic provides engineers with a comprehensive solution from the early stages of design to the final product.

The Frustrations of Traditional Circuit Board Design

Founded in 2013 by electrical engineer Natasha Baker, SnapEDA was initially created as a third-party digital model database, offering engineers a convenient way to access component data. Baker’s frustration with the slow and inefficient processes involved in building circuit boards led to the development of SnapEDA. The labor-intensive task of creating digital models for each component on a board could take weeks, depending on the complexity of the design.

The Vision for Automation

SnapMagic’s rebranding reflects the company’s vision to automate the entire circuit board design process and support engineers from the inception of their projects to the final manufactured products. Recognizing the rapid advancements in AI and the leveraging power of copilot technologies for software engineers, SnapMagic saw an opportunity to apply similar automation technologies to hardware engineering.

Introducing SnapMagic Copilot

The highlight of SnapMagic’s new features is the introduction of SnapMagic Copilot, an AI-powered tool designed to automate common tasks in circuit board design. It enables engineers to auto-complete circuits, use natural language to provide instructions to the PCB design tool, receive component recommendations based on cost, power consumption requirements, or supplier inventory, and even automate full reference designs. SnapMagic aims to make the tool trustworthy by relying on fundamental circuit theory principles, avoiding the pitfalls associated with natural language processing tools.

A Unique Business Model

Unlike competing with existing design tools, SnapMagic seeks to be a “point of influence” in the $1.3 trillion electronics component space. The platform connects engineers with specific types of components and provides recommendations. According to SnapMagic’s data, over 55% of engineers end up purchasing the recommended product. Offering the tool for free to engineers, SnapMagic aims to be an invaluable resource in the circuit board design process.

Future Plans and Funding

SnapMagic Copilot is currently in private beta testing but is set to be integrated into popular PCB design tools Autodesk Fusion and Altium within the next three to six months. The company has also secured undisclosed funding in a round led by Bow Capital, founded by Vivek Ranadivé, with participation from notable names like Google’s chief scientist Jeff Dean and Github founder Tom Preston-Werner. With a current team of 25, SnapMagic plans to expand its workforce by at least ten more individuals within the next twelve months.

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