Deta Introduces A Revolutionary Cloud OS


Berlin-based company Deta is set to reinvent personal computers with its innovative cloud operating system (OS). Unlike traditional cloud-based workstations that offer virtual machines, Deta is developing a whole new concept of an infinite, canvas-like OS and a personal cloud space.

Key Takeaway

Berlin-based company Deta is launching its innovative cloud OS, offering a personalized and infinite workspace for users to “own” their data. With an ecosystem of apps and AI-powered features like Teletype, Deta aims to revolutionize the way people interact with their computers. The challenge lies in convincing users to adopt a new system, but early investors see potential in Deta’s commitment to data ownership and novel app integration.

Deta’s Unique Approach

Deta, founded in 2019 by Mustafa Abdelhai and Max Eusterbrock, aims to empower users by allowing them to “own” their data within apps. The company is launching its Space platform, which enables users to create a custom interface in the form of an “infinite whiteboard” called Horizon. This interface consists of stretches, similar to pages, where users can draw various elements such as text boxes, embedded links, installed apps, webcam streams, and YouTube video cards.

App Ecosystem and Accessibility

Deta already boasts a thriving ecosystem of apps that cater to note-taking, text editing, AI chatbots, link organization, image and file hosting, and even games. Users can easily pin these apps to their Space and export their personal data with just a few clicks. The company provides a user-friendly software development kit (SDK) that supports most languages, ensuring developers can easily create apps without worrying about infrastructure. Additionally, Deta plans to introduce monetization options for developers in the near future.

Expanding the App Universe

Users can explore the diverse range of apps available through the Discovery app store. While Deta reviews submitted apps for quality and security, developers also have the option to submit apps without undergoing a review process. Deta believes that the transparency of app code encourages developers to present high-quality offerings. Deta’s Space also features Teletype, an AI-powered context-aware helper that enables non-coders to request the creation of apps like timers and stopwatches by simply describing their desired functions.

Future Plans and Investment

To further enhance the Space platform, Deta has successfully secured $3.6 million in seed funding from prominent investors, including Crane Venture Partners and System.One. The company plans to invest this capital into developing additional features, such as app interoperability, where users can integrate one app with another. Deta aims to offer an expanded version of its SDK, SpaceKit 2.0, by the end of the year, enabling developers to embed AI directly into their apps for improved functionality.

The Challenge Ahead

While Deta currently offers 5GB of storage per user with no charges, the company has plans to introduce paid tiers with additional features, such as extra storage. However, the main challenge lies in persuading users to adopt a whole new operating system and app ecosystem. Aneel Lakhani, an investor at Crane VC, expressed confidence in Deta’s unique value proposition, emphasizing that the company’s focus on data ownership and reimagined app interaction sets it apart.

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