OpenAI Enables ChatGPT Users To Invoke GPTs Directly In Chats


OpenAI is making it easier for ChatGPT users to bring GPTs into their conversations. Paid users of ChatGPT can now invoke GPTs by typing “@” and selecting a GPT from the list. This feature allows the chosen GPT to have an understanding of the full conversation, making it possible to add relevant GPTs with the context of the ongoing discussion.

Key Takeaway

OpenAI has enabled ChatGPT users to easily bring GPTs into their conversations, providing a new level of interaction and customization within the platform. The move aims to make GPTs more accessible and useful for a wide range of applications, while also addressing challenges related to moderation and discoverability.

Discovering GPTs in ChatGPT

The move to make GPTs more discoverable follows the recent launch of the GPT Store, a marketplace for GPTs accessible through the ChatGPT dashboard. This initiative aims to enable developers to create and share GPTs without requiring coding experience. The GPT Store currently offers a variety of GPTs, including a trail recommender from AllTrails, a code tutor from Khan Academy, and a content designer from Canva.

Challenges and Moderation

OpenAI plans to introduce monetization for developers who wish to sell access to their GPTs. However, the company faces challenges such as low web traffic for custom GPTs, comprising only about 2.7% of ChatGPT’s worldwide web traffic. Additionally, moderation has been a concern, with the GPT Store initially experiencing an influx of inappropriate chatbot apps. OpenAI has been working to address this issue, using a combination of human and automated review to flag and remove offending GPTs.

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