ChatGPT Mobile Apps Surpass 110 Million Installs And $30 Million In Revenue On First Anniversary


On its first anniversary, ChatGPT, the AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, is achieving remarkable success with its mobile apps. The release of the ChatGPT mobile app has contributed significantly to its popularity, resulting in over 110 million combined installs and generating almost $30 million in revenue. These figures were revealed in a market analysis conducted by mobile intelligence provider, indicating the widespread adoption and financial success of the ChatGPT app.

Key Takeaway

On its first anniversary, ChatGPT’s mobile apps have achieved significant success, surpassing 110 million installations and generating close to $30 million in revenue. The ChatGPT Plus subscription, offered as an in-app purchase, has been a major driver of its financial success. Despite competition from other AI chatbot apps, ChatGPT continues to experience growth in downloads and is positioned as a prominent player in the chatbot market.

ChatGPT Mobile App Revenue Driven by ChatGPT Plus Subscription

ChatGPT monetizes its mobile apps through the sale of the ChatGPT Plus subscription, available as an in-app purchase. Priced at $19.99 per month, this subscription offers various additional benefits, including broader access during peak times, faster response times, and early access to new features and enhancements. Initially launched in the United States, the subscription was later expanded to users worldwide. states that despite the relatively high cost of the ChatGPT Plus subscription compared to other services, consumer interest and demand have steadily increased over time. As a result, ChatGPT’s mobile apps have accumulated approximately $28.6 million in global consumer spending. However, it’s worth noting that this figure pertains solely to mobile app purchases, and many more users may have subscribed via the web or utilized ChatGPT’s API in other chatbot applications.

Growth in Downloads and Market Ranking

Since the launch of its mobile apps on iOS and Android, ChatGPT has experienced consistent growth in downloads. Within a week of its release on Google Play, the Android version recorded an impressive 18 million new installs, a record figure that has yet to be surpassed by any other mobile app. Collectively, the iOS and Android downloads now average over 4 million per week and have remained steady for the past five weeks.

Based on data provided by, ChatGPT’s download numbers place it ahead of other generative AI apps such as Character AI, Ask AI, Open Chat, Nova, ChatBot, AI Mirror, Imagine, Artimind, and ChatBox.

According to’s analysis, the top two countries in terms of ChatGPT downloads are India, accounting for 18% of downloads, followed closely by the United States at 17.5%.

ChatGPT’s Performance and Future Outlook

While ChatGPT’s impressive download numbers demonstrate its popularity among users, Android data analysis suggests that it may not be the most frequently used AI app. It currently holds the third position, trailing behind Character AI and Chai, which allow users to create personified AI chatbots. However, with the anticipated launch of special-purchase GPTs, predicts that ChatGPT’s ranking could change.

Looking ahead, projects that by the end of 2023, ChatGPT will garner tens of millions more installs and generate additional revenue, further cementing its position as a leading AI chatbot in the market.

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