Microsoft Copilot’s Impact On ChatGPT Installs And Revenue


Microsoft Copilot, the AI chatbot developed using OpenAI’s GPT-4, has not significantly affected the installs or revenue of ChatGPT, as per recent analysis of app store data.

Key Takeaway

Copilot’s launch, offering free access to GPT-4, has not significantly impacted the installs or revenue of ChatGPT. The latter continues to see growth in both user base and revenue.

Copilot’s Launch and App Store Performance

Despite offering free access to the advanced GPT-4 technology, Copilot’s launch has not appeared to draw users away from ChatGPT. Appfigures, a provider of app store intelligence, suggests that Copilot’s launch may have gone relatively unnoticed due to factors such as lack of promotion.

App Store Performance and Downloads

As of January 5, 2024, Copilot has garnered 2.1 million downloads across iOS and Android, with the U.S. being its largest market. However, daily downloads peaked at 413,000 and have since slowed, with the app seeing 194,000 total installs on January 5. Notably, Copilot’s installs are evenly split across iOS and Android.

Impact on ChatGPT

Appfigures reports that ChatGPT’s downloads had been slowing in December prior to Copilot’s release. Despite Copilot amassing 2.1 million installs, ChatGPT gained an additional 4.2 million downloads during the same period. There is no evidence to suggest that Copilot has impacted ChatGPT’s installs or revenue, the latter of which continues to rise.

Monetization and User Base

ChatGPT’s mobile apps had generated nearly $30 million in revenue as of its first anniversary in November, with a subscription service available on the web as well. The app had also seen early success, with over 500,000 downloads in its first 6 days.


Despite Copilot’s introduction, it has not displaced ChatGPT from its position as a leading AI chatbot. Microsoft continues to explore other applications for its AI technology, including integrating Copilot into PCs through a dedicated button.

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