Izote Biosciences Secures $2.6M To Develop Oxygen-Free Fermentation Process


Using precision fermentation as a manufacturing process to create bio-based products like chemicals, medicines, and cultivated meat continues to be costly and not yet perfected for scalability. However, Izote Biosciences, a startup, is making strides in this area by developing a proprietary method that enables bacteria to “breathe without oxygen” inside a bioreactor. The company recently raised an oversubscribed pre-seed of $2.6 million to further develop this groundbreaking technology.

Key Takeaway

Izote Biosciences has secured $2.6 million in funding to further develop its groundbreaking oxygen-free fermentation process, which has the potential to revolutionize the production of bio-based molecules across various industries.

The Breakthrough Technology

The technology developed by Izote Biosciences allows for the creation of “bio-based molecules” for various industries using a fermentation method that is a significant departure from traditional processes. Unlike the traditional method, which relies on microorganisms engineered to produce specific compounds and requires constant access to oxygen, Izote’s innovation uses an alternative molecule to oxygen, resulting in significantly lower capital expenditures and higher gross margins.

Revolutionizing Multiple Industries

Izote’s first applications will be in the fragrance and flavor industries, with plans to scale the platform for the production of bio-based molecules across various sectors, including food and cosmetics. The company’s approach promises more predictable scaling performance and an extended fermentation run, offering a potential game-changer for the industry.

Securing Funding and Future Plans

Embark Ventures and EGB Capital led the pre-seed round, with additional support from Bee Partners, FTW Ventures, Nucleus Capital, Courtyard Ventures, Climate Capital Bio, and Redstick Ventures. The company plans to utilize the funding to build a team that can design and execute Izote’s process in a laboratory setting. Izote aims to identify its launch molecules and demonstrate their productivity within the next 18 months, setting the stage for a significant impact on the industry.

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