Google Announces Privacy Changes And Data API Ahead Of DMA Compliance Day


Google has unveiled a series of updates to its products in preparation for the upcoming deadline for compliance with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA, which aims to promote fairness and contestability in digital markets, applies to Alphabet, Google’s parent company, as one of the designated “gatekeepers” under the regulation.

Key Takeaway

Google is implementing privacy changes and introducing choice screens in preparation for DMA compliance, allowing users more control over their data.

Choice Screens and Privacy Changes

One of the key changes announced by Google is the introduction of additional browser and search choice screens for users of Android phones, with plans to extend this feature to users of Chrome for desktop and iOS devices in the near future. These choice screens are designed to provide users with more options and are based on user research and industry feedback.

Additionally, Google has ceased the default linking of personal data across user accounts for certain products, in compliance with the DMA’s prohibition of using people’s data for advertising without their consent. Users in the European Economic Area (EEA) now have the option to choose whether they want to continue sharing data across Google services by linking them.

Advertising Upgrades and Data Portability

Google has also made upgrades to its advertising products and tools to help advertisers communicate consent for data collection, in line with its EU end user consent policy. Furthermore, it will be launching a program for Android developers to lead users in the EEA outside the app, as well as introducing a Data Portability API to meet the new DMA requirements.

Enforcement of the DMA

With the enforcement era of the DMA set to begin on March 7, compliance reports from gatekeepers will be made public, and the European Commission will be conducting workshops to gather detailed initial feedback. The Commission is the sole enforcer of the DMA and has the authority to investigate non-compliance by gatekeepers and deploy interim measures if necessary.

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