Haiper: The New Player In AI Video Generation


AI-powered video generation is gaining momentum with the recent release of Haiper, a tool developed by former Deepmind alums Yishu Miao and Ziyu Wang. The duo, known for their expertise in machine learning, has ventured into the video generation market, aiming to offer a unique solution to users.

Key Takeaway

Haiper, developed by former Deepmind alums, enters the AI video generation market with a focus on creating engaging and high-quality videos through its AI model. With competition heating up in this space, the company aims to differentiate itself by addressing fundamental challenges in video generation.

Introducing Haiper

Haiper, a video generation tool, has been unveiled to the public, showcasing its AI model designed to create engaging videos. The company, which was formally incorporated in 2022, has already raised significant funding to support its endeavors.

Features and Functionality

Users can access Haiper’s website to generate videos by entering text prompts. While the service is currently free, there are limitations on the duration and quality of the generated videos. Additionally, the platform offers features such as image animation and video restyling, with plans to introduce extended video capabilities in the future.

Building a Core Video Model

While Haiper focuses on its consumer-facing website, it also aims to develop a core video generation model for potential external use. The company has reached out to developers to test its closed API and is considering open-sourcing its models to explore various applications.

Competition and Future Outlook

Haiper faces competition from established players such as OpenAI, Google, Nvidia-backed Runway, and others in the AI video generation space. Investors and industry experts believe that the technology still has room for improvement and anticipate significant advancements in the coming years.

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