GitHub CEO: The Demand For Software Developers Will Still Outweigh Supply Despite AI Gains


In a recent interview, GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke discussed how the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) may affect the software development industry. Despite the increasing capabilities of AI-powered tools like Copilot, Dohmke believes that the demand for software developers will continue to surpass the available supply.

Key Takeaway

The growth of AI in software development will not diminish the need for human developers. The expansion of AI tools will enhance productivity rather than replace human expertise.

The Connection Between AI and Software Development

Dohmke emphasized the integration of AI and software development, highlighting the assistive nature of tools like Copilot and Copilot Chat. These tools, introduced by Microsoft-owned GitHub, aim to support developers by providing code suggestions and facilitating collaboration.

The Continued Demand for Software Developers

Dohmke acknowledged that AI tools will undoubtedly impact the evolution of software development. However, he explained several key reasons why the demand for developers will remain high:

  1. Legacy Code: There is a significant amount of legacy code that still exists and needs to be maintained. Examples include COBOL code from the 1960s, which was not written with modern practices like unit tests and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD).
  2. Technical Talent: The adoption of generative AI has created a new demand wave. Companies of all sizes are exploring how they can incorporate innovative AI solutions into their business models, requiring developers who are proficient in utilizing open APIs and training AI models.
  3. Company Transformation: While companies may evolve their technology stacks over time, they will always require developers to support their ongoing software needs and potential code transformations.

In conclusion, Dohmke emphasized that the software development industry will continue to thrive. Despite the advancements in AI, the growing complexity of software and the need for legacy code maintenance ensure that there will be a consistent demand for skilled software developers in the foreseeable future.

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