AssemblyAI Secures $50 Million In Funding To Develop AI Speech Models


AssemblyAI, the applied AI startup that specializes in researching, training, and deploying AI models for developers and product teams, has recently closed a $50 million funding round. The investment was led by Accel, with participation from notable investors including former Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block, GitHub ex-CEO Nat Friedman, and Daniel Gross, as well as Insight Partners and Y Combinator. This latest funding round brings AssemblyAI’s total capital raised to $115 million.

Key Takeaway

AssemblyAI secures $50 million in funding to advance its AI speech models and expand its customer base. The startup’s API platform enables enterprises to focus on building new AI applications without the complexities of model development and deployment, making it a preferred choice for developers and product teams. AssemblyAI continues to innovate and plans to launch a “universal” speech model later this year.

AssemblyAI’s Impressive Growth and Success

AssemblyAI has experienced remarkable growth in its paying customer base, which has grown 200% since last year and now includes over 4,000 brands. The company’s AI platform currently handles approximately 25 million API calls per day and has attracted the attention of more than 200,000 developers. These developers utilize AssemblyAI to process over 10 terabytes of data daily, indicating a strong demand for the platform’s capabilities.

According to AssemblyAI co-founder and CEO Dylan Fox, the rapid evolution and improvement of AI models pose significant challenges for enterprises. However, by leveraging AssemblyAI’s API platform, these enterprises can focus on building new AI products, applications, and workflows without the complexities of model development and deployment. AssemblyAI’s platform offers easy integration and scalability at a low cost, making it a preferred choice for organizations seeking advanced AI solutions.

AssemblyAI’s Vision and Ongoing Efforts

AssemblyAI was founded in 2017 by Dylan Fox, a machine learning engineer who was inspired by the Amazon Echo’s success. Fox aimed to create AI models that would unlock new possibilities for voice-based applications. Today, AssemblyAI provides AI models with a specific focus on speech-related tasks such as speech-to-text conversion, speaker identification, content moderation, and speech summarization.

While AssemblyAI faces competition from other startups and tech giants offering speech models, Fox contends that AssemblyAI’s models are more advanced, accurate, and feature-rich compared to its rivals. The company continues to innovate and has allocated a portion of the new funding towards the development of a “universal” speech model. This model, trained on over a petabyte of voice data, is set to launch later this year.

Furthermore, AssemblyAI plans to expand its workforce by 50% to 75% in the coming year to support its growth and development initiatives. The company envisions itself as the “Stripe for AI models,” providing developers and product teams with easy access to state-of-the-art AI through a simple API. With the support of the recent funding round, AssemblyAI is well-positioned to meet the increasing demand for its products and further contribute to the mainstream adoption of AI.

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