Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies To Keep An Eye On

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies To Keep An Eye On In 2020

Artificial Intelligence has been a buzzword for long. However, today, this groundbreaking technology is swaying off business operations across all business verticals. From manufacturing to healthcare, supply chain to finance, nearly every industry has adopted infrastructural changes to get adept with AI. For some, the technology still might appear as fiction. However, for the leaders and the tech giants, AI has tremendous potential. Besides, they aren’t going to leave any single piece untucked to make use of the technology.

But what is this technology all about?


Artificial Intelligence – The Groundbreaking Technology


AI, as the industrial experts suggest, is the area of computer science which deals with creating smarter machines by embedding human-like intelligence in them. In simpler terms, artificial intelligence is a branch of studies that aims to ease business processes. It integrates machines to perform human aided tasks effectively and efficiently.

Customer support is one of the most crucial elements across all business organizations. Besides, adhering to its viability is much needed. To date, we have seen customer executives work day and night to get the job done. However, after the inception of AI, the face of customer engagement has changed. Today, companies employ chatbots and machine-driven programs to address customer issues. Such a mechanism has pre-fed instructions that allow machines to act like humans and solve user queries. This kind of approach not only quickens the time of response but also eliminates any possibility of error.

Pretty much clear, right?


AI Statistics

Given the fact that AI has cutting edge features bestowed with the potential of making or a breaking an organization, leaders are actively vesting in the same. According to research, there is an expectation that the net worth of the AI market would reach $59.8 billion by the end of 2025.

It would not be pointless to see industries pacing their way in the technology. From IBM to Siemens, Amazon, and Cognizant, all big companies are either funding the AI domain or merging with AI startups to attune their business operations with rising technological trends. In terms of the market research report as curated by the industry experts of Technavio, the global market of artificial intelligence (AI) would grow at an impressive CAGR of around 50% or more in the next five years. The huge line of investments made by the global leaders across all sectors fueled such growth.

Having said that, we know that the domain of AI holds immense potential to disrupt the digital economy. Following episodes of changes and modifications, the technology is bound to enhance the functioning of organizations worldwide. So we head towards highlighting the top 10 AI companies that are sure to break the barrier and emerge victorious in the battle of being the best.


Top 10 AI Companies


1. Amazon Web Services

It’s been decades since Amazon has invested in technologies such as deep learning and machine learning. Today, the company ranks as one of the top artificial intelligence companies worldwide. The present-day Amazon’s AI and ML technology powers a few of the most important internal systems consisting of path optimization across their fulfillment centers. The major one consists of:

  • Echo powered by Alexa,
  •’s recommendations engine,
  • Amazon Go, and
  • Drone initiative Prime Air.

Another offering by Amazon is Amazon Web services (AWB) that entail enterprises with an array of AI services consisting of Amazon Lex. This has deep learning functionalities of natural language understanding (NLU), along with automatic speech recognition (ASR). Amazon Polly, the second application by AWS, turns text to lifelike speech, Amazon Recognition is one that analyzes trillions of images to provide significant insights, Amazon Machine Learning is one which helps the developers to use the technology of machine learning, and lastly, the Amazon SageMaker accounts for the most common AWS services.

Amazon Web Services
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2. IBM

IBM Watson is one of the most popular AI projects by IBM. Additionally, IBM formed a separate division, IBM Watson division, to focus on the development of technologies of cloud-based artificial intelligence comprising of their self-owned products and of other organizations, too. This technology finds its application in an array of spheres, such as retail and cancer research. IBM made a huge range of investments to promote the popularity of self-driving cars, enhanced hospitality, etc.

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3. Facebook

The well-known social media, Facebook led by Mark Zuckerberg, is another top company emerging as a leading investor of AI. With around 3 billion users registered worldwide, Facebook has a growing popularity and as long recognized as the top company to work in 2019. Additionally, the company is seen to make plenty of innovations in an array of technologies. Concerning AI, Facebook AI Research (FAIR) is an internal group created by the company to address AI challenges while providing solutions to the same. Facebook recently acquired AI companies such as Masquerade and Zurich Eye, along with investment in self-owned artificial intelligence labs.

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4. Intel

Huge investments by Intel in the domain of AI and ML technologies make it a top contributor to the transformation of the industry. In addition to newly embedded ML frameworks and the AI chips, Intel is seen making a tremendous investment in AI startups and merged AI-focused companies. One of these is Saffron Technology that Intel acquired just recently. Budding on the capabilities of this new technology, Intel falls among the top 10 AI hiring companies hiring.


5. Microsoft

Microsoft is the powerhouse of the IT industry. Besides, Microsoft is bringing huge transformation by adding artificial intelligence. Additionally, Microsoft makes use of tools such as Skype video chats, bot payments, Cortana voice apps, Azure bot service, customer vision service, Bing customized search, and many more.

The AI researchers of Microsoft are driving maximum profit through implications of computational power followed by the digital data as taken up from advanced algorithms to boost natural interactions between people and machines. The total investment made by the company is around US$ 40 million for AI integration with humanitarian action, a US$ 25 million to allow AI for accessibility, and around US$ 50 million as an AI investment for Earth.


6. Nvidia

Ranked as one of the top Fortune’s 100 companies, Nvidia is a place to work if you are an AI enthusiast. Range of Nvidia’s AI products comprises of computer chips, platforms embedded with ARM/ GPU. They are very beneficial in drones and automobiles. Titan V, through the latest unit of graphics processing (GPU), is by far the most powerful GPU, used for AI and ML researches.


7. Google AI

Google AI or Google Research, the official branch aiding the development of Google’s AI applications, is among the world’s best artificial intelligence companies. No doubt, Google is always the forerunner when it comes to innovation like in the case of artificial intelligence. Besides, Google continues to follow its legacy with the launch of AI-specific products like;

  • Google Assistant – Android voice assistant,
  • Google Auto ML vision – Image Recognition model based on machine learning,
  • DeepMind – a crucial segment to promote the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Tensor Flow, and deep learning technology.


8. Apple

Apple Siri is undeniably one of the most popular applications of Apple in the field of AI. But that was just the start, and the company keeps appraising its customers. Recently, Apple acquired four different AI startups as a step towards embracing the technology of artificial intelligence. One of the above state’s startups is recently the foundation factor of the facial recognition system of security embedded in iOS software, the FaceID. Furthermore, the company hired former Google’s AI head, John Giannandrea, who would uncover a vast aspect of artificial intelligence.


9. Samsung

The smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, has done plenty of integrations. Few of the development surfaced over the AI technologies help enhance camera features, users’ overall security, and likewise, their experience of using mobile phones. Further, Bixby, their AI-powered assistant, has been tailored to render best in class user experience for all the mobile phone users industry-wide. Also, there has been tremendous investment by Samsung in varied AI-based startups. The company has also established various research centers for AI worldwide.


10. Siemens

And the last in our list is Siemens. It is the top leader in the domain of artificial intelligence companies. Siemens focuses on elements of automation, energy, digitization, and electrification. The company has been regarded as the top producers of technologies that are energy-efficient and resource-saving.

Also, Siemens is the leading provider of systems and devices that ease the functioning of power generation, medical diagnosis, and transmission. Undoubtedly, Siemens has been reaping the bundle of potential that eye-catching technology, artificial intelligence, offered. Integration of the same helps organizations improve their productivity and likewise, boost efficiency.

As of now, the company has 200 experts working as neural network experts or data analytics aiming to create better infrastructure and leverage their operations.

Now that you know what the technology is and how industries are adopting it to benefit their business, you would too agree on the fact that the technology has enormous potential and it is here to stay for long.

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