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Chatbot Examples: Types Of Chatbots That We Use

Chatbot Examples: Types Of Chatbots That We Use

If you ever wondered whether you are talking to a real person or not, then most likely you have come across one of the chatbot examples. They are everywhere now, from helping you with your inquiry through different platforms, or through customer service of different websites. They almost sound like a human, although their cadence is somewhat off. But what exactly are they?


What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) software that can mimic human or written speech and simulate a conversation (or chat) with a user through different messaging applications, websites, mobile apps, or even telephones. A chatbot or also known as “conversational agent” is often described as one of the most promising and advanced interactions between humans and machines.

From a technological standpoint, a chatbot only represents a question answering system leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP). One of the most typical examples of Natural Language Processing is formulating responses to questions in natural language and applying in various enterprises’ end-use applications. That’s why customer service spaces are always using chatbots.

Chatbots are becoming common these days partly because creating chatbots now doesn’t need any sophisticated programming knowledge or highly specialized technical skills. You can now make your very own chatbot that you can use in Facebook Messenger from several sites just by using simple drag-and-drop interfaces.

What Are Chatbots?
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How Do Chatbots Work?

As mentioned earlier, chatbot technology lies in NLP. This is the same technology that forms the basis of voice recognition systems that is used by virtual assistants such as Google Now, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. What a chatbot does is it process the text presented to them by the user, before responding according to a complex series of algorithms that interpret and identifies what the user says and then determine the appropriate response based on the information process.

To further explain how a chatbot works, the chatbot has two different tasks at its core; user requests analysis and returning the response. User request analysis is the first task that a chatbot performs. In this process, it analyzes the user’s request to identify the user intent and to extract relevant entities. This is the first condition and the most relevant step at the core of the chatbot. If it doesn’t correctly understand the user request, then it won’t be able to provide the correct answer.

Returning the response is its final task. Once the chatbot identified the user’s intent, it will then provide the most appropriate response for the user’s request.

How Do Chatbots Work?
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Different Responses Of Chatbots

  • a generic and predefined text
  • a dependent piece of information based on the data that the user has provided
  • a simple text retrieve from a knowledge-based that contains a different answer
  • stored data in its systems
  • information extracted from back-end applications
  • a question that will help clarify the user’s question or request

Although chatbot technology is different from Natural Language Processing technology, a chatbot cannot advance without continued development in NLP. Understanding the complexities inherent in elements of speech such as metaphors and similes is still a struggle for any system or application that relies upon the machine’s ability to parse human speech. Although there are considerable limitations, chatbots are becoming more sophisticated and natural, making them more human.


Why Chatbots Are Important?

Chatbots streamline interactions between people and services, making it better for customer experience. Also, they reduce the typical cost of companies’ customer service by offering new and exciting opportunities to improve the customers’ engagement process and operational efficiency. Humans play a key role here by supporting the best chatbots. Human intervention is important in configuring, training, and optimizing the best AI chatbot.

Several chatbot sites have different uses. Marketing bots are on the rise when it comes to chatbot examples. In addition to just answering questions, some marketing bots also have social selling components. Pretty amazing, right? That’s why most businesses have integrated chatbots into their digital marketing campaign and now plays an important role.

Aside from marketing bots, an interactive bot is also one of the chatbot examples. Well, most chatbots are interactive but what sets apart an interactive bot is its capacity for personal entertainment. Aside from its original customer service use, some chatbots are programmed to give small talks and answer mundane conversations. Some chatbot sites are also educational.

Why Chatbots Are Important?
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Chatbot Examples


MedWhat: Making Medical Diagnosis Faster

When you feel like there is something wrong with your body, do you usually go to WebMD and diagnose yourself with a life-threatening illness? MedWhat is probably the best chatbot for you. Think of this like a WebMD version you can talk to. This chatbot helps make medical diagnosis faster, more transparent, and easier for both patients and physicians.

This chatbot is powered by a sophisticated machine learning system that offers increasingly accurate responses to user questions based on behaviors that it learned by interacting with human beings. MedWhat is much closer to virtual assistant rather than a conversational agent and offers users an accurate and responsive experience. Generating And Assigning Leads Automatically

Are you working in Marketing? Then you probably know how important lead assignment is. Not all leads are created equal, and getting the right leads in front of the right representative at the right time is very challenging.  One of the chatbot examples that will help you with this problem is This marketing bot helps real-estate marketers to automate interacting with potential leads and lead assignment via social media.

What it does is it helps in identifying potential leads via Facebook and then almost instantaneously responds in a friendly, helpful, and conversational way that closely resembles a real person. asks potential leads to provide a bit of information before automatically assigning the lead to a sales agent. It also eliminates potential leads slipping through an agent’s fingers due to missing a direct message on Facebook or failing to quickly respond.


Andy In English

One of the best chatbot ideas you can come across with is Andy. Why is that so? Because Andy is your personal private English teacher. If you’re struggling to learn English, then you don’t have to worry anymore. This chatbot will surely help you quickly learn English, with the comfort of using the benefits of an AI without needing to download a lot of applications or to visit tons of websites.

This telegram chatbot is a perfect choice especially if you are learning English as a foreign language. This chatbot can talk on different topics in English and correct your grammar mistakes. Aside from this, you can chat with Andy anytime you want. This is a great tool to learn English. It is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.


Fitmeal Chatbot

Are you a health enthusiast who doesn’t have access to a personal nutritionist? No need to dream of having one anymore because Fitmeal is here. This is the best chatbot for you to keep track of what you are eating. This will also help you become slimmer and more healthy by helping you stick to your diet and eat fewer calories.

It is a nutritionist you can afford and is available for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Slack users. All you need to do is just text it what food you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once you’ve put in all the information needed, it will provide you with the report on your diet. A food diary and nutritionist in one!


Disney: Solving Crimes With Fictional Characters

Chatbots are used not only in marketing or customer service but also in entertainment. This is exactly what Disney did. This media conglomerate used this technology to engage its younger audience by creating a chatbot that featured a character from the 2016 animated family crime caper, Zootopia.

Children can help solve crimes with Lieutenant Judy Hopps, the protagonist of the movie. They can investigate mysteries like those in the movie by interacting with the bot which explored avenues of inquiry-based on its users’ input. Users can make suggestions for Lt. Hopps’ investigation to which the chatbot would respond continually engaging the user.


Joy Chatbot

This interactive chatbot keeps you on track with your mental health. It acts as your therapist, asking about your mood and feelings every single day. Aside from this, it also gives you an overall view of your mental health state. It is also a great opportunity to keep your mental health in check.

If you are feeling down and miserable, Joy is the right partner to chat with. This interactive chatbot will suggest some techniques to help you fight stress and anxiety, especially when it realizes that you are not feeling well. Joy is among the best chatbots, and it can replace your therapist.

Because of the continuous development of technology, there are different chatbot examples available now. Whether you are looking for something that will entertain you or help you grow your business, there will be the best chatbot that will suit your needs.


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