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Sex Chat Bot: Why Is It So Popular In 2020?

Why are sex chat bots and sexting simulators gaining popularity?

Technology has never been more advanced than what we have right now. Not only can we have advanced products but services can get done without any human effort. That is why chatbots are becoming popular with businesses right now. This allows them to have 24/7 customer service without the need for manpower. Not only for business but sex chat bots have also seen a spike in popularity as the decade closes.

With the advances in technology, instant messaging allows us to connect faster. Mingling individuals can now conduct sexting as a form of flirting. The adult entertainment industry has also taken advantage of this breakthrough. You can now see the rise of sexting bots, adult and sex chatbots in the internet. But, you might be curious about what sex chat bots are. Also, why are they so popular in this day and age?

But before we discuss those things, let us familiarize you with chatbots in general and their uses in society. 

Before that, if you are interested in trying this service you’ll need a decent budget smartphone for maximum results.


Origin of Chatbots

Chatbots started as Artificial intelligence programs. The term chatbot derived from chatterbots which Michael Mauldin coined. Mauldin himself created Julia, the first Verbot in 1994. But, there were conversational programs that imitate humans even before Julia. As early as 1966, there was already a program that processes natural languages. Named as ELIZA, this program demonstrated human to machine conversations. Joseph Weizenbaum developed ELIZA at MIT’s AI Laboratory from 1964-1966.

Since ELIZA, there have been many natural language processing programs. As years passed, these programs became smarter and close to replicating human speech. A scale called the Turing test measures the intelligence of chatterbot programs. Alan Turing wrote the article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” in 1950.


How Chatbots Work

Chatbots are a big help when it comes to companionship
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Chatbots usually look like normal messaging apps. These programs are visible when you access websites. But how do they work? Well, chatbots aim to answer inquiries and questions like a normal human being. Of course, these programs need a framework and testing. But, chatbots are a great gauge to see how far we’ve come in the Artificial Intelligence department. 

Chatbots work by copying human speech patterns. These programs need algorithms that mimic how humans respond. For example, developers can train a sex chat bot to respond to basic advances a.k.a “dirty talk”. Companies can also develop their chatbots to answer more complex inquiries. These include answering questions about banking or product orders.

Training goes through a process called Natural Language Processing. Natural Language Processing allows AI programs to process human conversations. Another machine learning method is Natural Language Understanding. This allows chatbots to understand human chatter which then gets processed via NLP. Machine learning allows these programs to get ready before getting deployment. 

Now that we’ve discussed how chatbots work, let us now talk about its uses in society.


Uses of Chatbots in Society

Sample chat with a sex chat bot
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Chatbots are now becoming a common occurrence in our society. We can find them when we log-in to all kinds of websites. One famous example is when you go to an online store, there will be a chatbot on the lower side of your screen. These chatbots allow companies to entertain inquiries from potential customers. Chatbots redirect these clients to the products that they are looking for.

Then, you have chatbots that can recommend stuff when you need it. Need to know what’s going on in the world? Some chatbots can provide you with the latest news. Are you hungry and don’t know what to eat? Chatbots can give you a recommendation and even help you book a table. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, chatbots can recommend products.

Another prevalent use of chatbots is in the adult and companionship industry. People are looking for companionship in any shape or form. Some use dirty talk simulators and sexting apps to up their “game”. While others can fulfill their fantasies through a sex chat bot. These bots allow individuals to live-out their role-playing sexual fantasies. Some sex chatbots will have different themes such as a medieval and dark fantasy setting. Other sexting bots will have a casual approach that allows a more chill conversation. 

Aside from the ones we mentioned, there are still more uses to chatbots. Chatbots will see more usage as we progress more in technology.



Sex Chat Bot Popularity

Slutbot will teach you how to dirty talk
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People may wonder why a sexting simulator or a sex chat bot can be so popular in this day and age. Looking for a relationship or companionship is just an app or click away, right? Well, some people are still struggling with how the initiate dirty talk. Yes, you can have all the skills when flirting with someone and make them say yes. But, some people want to add excitement to their sex life and learn how to talk dirty properly. 

Yes, saying the right words at the right time can make a big difference in bed. One of the more popular sexting chatbot services available is Slutbot. This sex chat bot allows users to train their dirty talk and configure it to their preferences. 

According to an article by Mashable, Juicebox created Slutbot after so many requests from its users. The main reason being people want to learn how to talk dirty properly. Juicebox then partnered up with sex coaches and erotica writers to create this sex chat bot. Slutbot has branching paths that are based on sexual preferences and kinks. Another great thing about this sex chatbot is that it is inclusive to all genders.

Moving into the future, you will see more people asking for help through a sexting simulator or sex chat bot. Aside from learning how to talk dirty, this allows users to have discretion. Some people are not as confident or as open with their desires. They can feel ashamed due to either lack of knowledge or because of confidence issues. These sexting apps and dirty talk simulators will allow these discreet individuals to fulfill their fantasies and improve their dirty talk.


Sex Chat Bot Final Thoughts

Human beings can experience anything they want with discretion. Whether it be fear of society, not accepting them or low self-esteem. Sex chat bot and other simulators will be popular because people can learn in private. Moving forward the sexting apps and dirty talk bots will be part of the norm.

Sex Chat Bot: Why Is It So Popular In 2020?

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