Kick Streamers Contemplate Leaving Over CEO’s Controversial Comments In Sex Worker ‘Prank’ Stream


A significant number of streamers are considering leaving the streaming platform Kick due to the lack of safety guidelines and support in the wake of a highly controversial incident involving a well-known creator. This creator streamed an encounter with a sex worker without her knowledge or consent, leading to widespread outcry and protests from fellow streamers.

Key Takeaway

Streamers on Kick are considering leaving the platform in protest of the lack of safety guidelines and support, following a controversial incident involving a prominent creator streaming an encounter with a sex worker. Kick’s response has been criticized, leading to concerns about the platform’s commitment to the well-being of its streamers, particularly women.

A Lack of Respect for Sex Workers

In the incident, which took place on September 21, Paul Denino, also known as Ice Poseidon, streamed an encounter with a sex worker while hiding in an adjacent room with another streamer named Sam Pepper. The sex worker was unaware that there were other people present and expressed discomfort during the encounter. Despite her discomfort, she was momentarily prevented from leaving the room, while the CEO of Kick, Eddie Craven, posted laughing emotes in the stream chat.

This incident has sparked outrage among many streamers, particularly those who believe that Kick has failed to uphold the safety and well-being of its community. Rachel, a streamer known as TheFoodieWaifu, expressed her disappointment, stating, “It sucks to see a platform stand behind someone who clearly doesn’t respect sex workers or their safety. This was a job for her and to them a game. This woman clearly was afraid and was just trying to work and be safe.”

Kick’s Response and Streamers’ Reactions

Kick, a relatively new streaming platform, has been enticing Twitch streamers to join its ranks with non-exclusive streaming deals, light moderation, and a more favorable revenue split. However, this incident has raised serious concerns about the platform’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its streamers, particularly women. Many streamers are now questioning whether Kick is a safe platform for them.

In response to the incident, Kick issued a public post affirming its commitment to community and public safety in content creation. The platform acknowledged that it is continuously learning and making changes to strike the right balance. However, this response has been met with criticism and disappointment from streamers and viewers who feel that Kick’s actions have fallen short.

Moving Forward

Streamers have expressed their frustrations and intentions to leave the platform in response to this incident and Kick’s handling of it. While some streamers have the ability to switch to other platforms, such as Twitch, others are financially dependent on Kick and cannot afford to take the financial hit.

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