Cleo: The AI Chatbot That Can Handle Your Personal Wealth

Meet Cleo, the AI chatbot that can improve your finances.

Chatbots are a very prominent tool in today’s world. We can see an AI chatbot on a website that deals with finance or online shops. This technology allows websites to have a stand-in for human support agents. This is vital especially if a website’s employees are not available on a 24/7 basis. Simple inquiries and FAQs can now get an answer without the need for humans. AI chatbot technology is now used to train humans’ communication skills. Now, you can also let an AI chatbot take care of your finances and even some coaching. Meet Cleo, the chatbot that can give you financial advice and even roast you for mishaps.

The world is becoming more accessible to most human beings. Remember the days when you need to go to the bank to check on your finances? Now, you can enroll your bank account on a website and see your transactions and how much money you have left. But, with the help of an AI chatbot such as Cleo, you can now have an assessment of your finances in an instant. Now that beats going through a bank’s website especially if there’s maintenance going on. Way better than spending gas to drive to the bank, right?



Meet Cleo: The Financial AI Chatbot


Manage your finances in a fun and interactive way
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Cleo is a name connected to grandeur and royalty. When people hear this name, they usually think of Cleopatra. Now, one of the signs of grandeur in our day and age is wealth. There’s no going on around it, personal wealth is a key to a better life. But, some people are better at managing their wealth compared to others. These people make smarter decisions with their hard-earned money. That is why people need someone to coach them about managing their wealth.

This is where Cleo comes in to save the day! This AI chatbot saw it’s conception in London, England at this decade’s midpoint. The brainchild of founder Barney Hussey-Yeo, it aims to give people a way to manage their finances. With the backing of other prominent fintech figureheads, Cleo is set to take over. The Cleo AI chatbot aims to replace banking apps by unifying your accounts under one service. 

Cleo AI is looking to expand to North America, other parts of Europe, Asia, and Australia. This is set to turn the banking world on its head. Imagine, with a message you can access all your finances without switching apps. Now, that’s convenience with one click.



How to Acces the Cleo AI Chatbot


The Cleo AI chatbot can assess your finances across all accounts.
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You’re interested in trying out Cleo but don’t know how to access the service? Well, after a quick registration you can now access Cleo via your Facebook Messenger. Not only there, Cleo is also accessible via text message, Alexa and Google Assistant. This allows users to have instant access when inquiring about personal wealth management. As an AI software, Cleo is trainable via machine learning to answer all your concerns.

Now, this artificial intelligence software is also looking to take over mobile devices. Aside from your PC and voice assistants, you can also download the Cleo app and register via the app. The AI chatbot is available for both Android and iOS users. Now, you can open a chat with Cleo and she’ll give you an assessment of your finances.

After talking about how you can geet Cleo, we will now discuss how Cleo works as an AI chatbot. We’ll talk about features and how to link your accounts.



Cleo’s Function and Features


You can have fun while assessing your wealth
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Like all AI software, people are curious about Cleo’s function and features? Curiosity is prevalent when it comes to chatbots or any new form of technology. People will have questions about how intricacies work. Well to start the discussion, Cleo works like any other chatbot. Cleo can speak like a human being after undergoing machine learning. This allows the AI chatbot to answer questions and reply like a true human being.

You might ask, how can Cleo give you advice if you have different bank accounts? Well, all you need to do is connect your bank accounts to the AI chatbot service. Then, once you’re ready to go you can let Cleo assess your finances. For a bit of fun, you can let Cleo roast you on your wealth management. Whether you’ve been performing well or inducing mishaps, it is good to have fun once in a while.

You can also let Cleo create a tracker based on your budget and spending habits. This will help you stay on track of your goals. Not only that but this AI chatbot can help you save up based on your spending habits. Cleo can also sharpen your financial knowledge through quizzes and games

Cleo Plus is a subscription that adds more features to further focus on your wealth.



Is Cleo Safe?


Meet Cleo, the AI chatbot that can improve your finances.
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It is normal for people to have concerns especially if it has something to do with their banking details. We don’t want our most private information to be accessible to potential threats. With Cleo, you do not have to worry about your banking details. Cleo will keep your details secured from any potential harmful elements. This is possible by having Cleo only assess your money. This chatbot AI cannot touch your money but only assess it for your knowledge.

Cleo will even give you a guarantee worth $250K if your accounts get compromised. Now that’s a worth it guarantee.



Final Thoughts


Cleo is a wonderful AI chatbot software to have when tracking your finances. Now, you can have an assessment of your wealth without having to go to the bank. This is also helpful for people with many bank accounts since they don’t have to switch apps to get an assessment. Cleo is not only assessing your wealth, it can also help you keep track of your goals. This AI chatbot is also capable of roasting you for your wealth management skills. Then, improve your knowledge with quizzes and games that will keep you sharp.

Available on many platforms, having a better financial structure is a click away. They also have a high level of security so no one can know your banking details. So what are you waiting for? Why not try Cleo now!

Cleo: The AI Chatbot That Can Handle Your Personal Wealth

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