Technology Stack: What Is It And Why You Need It For Your Business

Technology Stack: What It Is And How It Works

If you work in the tech industry, you’ve most likely known about the term ‘technology stack’. Tech stack is one of the few technology jargon that not many understand its true meaning. Nevertheless, you need to know the meaning of the term whether you are just developing a tech app or you want your whole tech framework to be successful

If you don’t already know the meaning of this tech jargon, never mind, we will explain what it means in this article and as well mention why it is highly essential for you to understand your web app technology stack.

Technology Stack: What It Is And How It Works
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What Is A Technology Stack?

A technology stack is an essential part of the web or mobile app development. These software development stacks are frequently when making references to the mixture of software development and programming languages used in a development project. Selecting the right blend or group of essential development tools is highly essential when you are just beginning your development project. 

The tech stack is similar to laying the foundation on which the rest of your building will rest on. If you are building a tower, you’d begin with laying a deep foundation and girders where you hang the rest of the structures on. You don’t begin with the marble portico or building a fountain on the porch. The software development stack is similar to that skeletal structure. You need the services of a cloud architect to sketch a technology stack diagram and build a solid tech last that will last.

A tech stack is the fundamental component of a web or mobile app. Software development stacks are the programming languages and software product foundation upon which the rest of the software development work rests on. A technology stack example is when you build your web app with Ruby on Rails. 


Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails
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Ruby On Rails is your programing language and the base structure that may access a database built with PostgreSQL. You’d be required to host it on a server which could be an Apache server, for instance. You would require a Phusion Passenger to achieve that purpose. All these are basics of the server part of the tech stack.

On the client part of the tech stack, you will need programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the part that converts your web application into a comprehensible format for the app or browsers user. 

On the other hand, if what you create is a mobile app, the tech stack is very small. It is commonly just a native app developed with things like Xcode or Android Studio.

In the end, you also need to take into consideration the software you utilize for the mobile app or web app development.

Beginning your work with good software focused on a high level of efficiency will allow your processes to be integrated and ensure that everyone works on the same platform. You need to select and start with the best available time tracking app and project management tools.


Hubstaff Tasks

HubStaff Tasks
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You need to start with good project management software at the early stage of your web or mobile app development. You must do it, especially if you are building a complex software development project. This is essential because a complex development project will need a lot of developers and starting early with a good software development stack ensures that all the developers involved are on the same page. 

If your development teams are looking for an agile system, you may try out Hubstaff Tasks. This is project management software similar to the Kanban-style. It utilizes comprehensive project cards and sprints to assist your team to achieve more. 

The members of the development team that utilizes these technology stack examples can make comments, allot tasks, integrate due dates, divide projects into sprints and do a lot more. It is an essential part of the way your software development functions; it doesn’t have to be strictly the technical part of your technology stack.

If you get your framework and foundation right, your users will hardly know what your tech stack involves. It is similar to people passing by a tower built by a good architect. When it is all done, they would hardly know the number of girders that are used in the building or tell whether the foundation is deep or not. They are hidden elements. All your users could tell is whether it works or not.


Why Technology Stack Is Beneficial For Your Business

The fact that the web or mobile app is built on the technology stack already looks significant, but you need to know why you must understand it. It can be intimidating to try to learn about a tech stack, particularly if you’re not a web or app developer. 

But technology utilized in the web app development can have a great effect on the way your app functions and impacts on its future behavior. For instance, some server systems are developed for high-read tasks. These server systems would be as efficient if they are utilized for high-write traffic. It is essential to be aware of this. Especially if you plan to transfer your developed app stored as a local file into cloud file storage. 

Your tech stack can as well determine how scalable your software development would be. Specific tech stacks are more suitable for different web or app development projects. Given that it is possible to get various types of combinations with technology stack, it’s not easy or possible to provide a general technology stack diagram or structure that would serve as one-size-fits for all projects.

However, knowing the advantages and the disadvantages of your chosen development framework before beginning your app development project, you would know beforehand how to reduce the flaws that come with it. 


Tech Stack Helps To Boost The Scalability Of Your Software Development Project

Technology Stack Diagram
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With tech stack, you can boost productivity with 100 percent free-time tracking. It is an essential point to reiterate. You need to decide on which tech stack you ought to use before you begin a project. Although it is possible to adjust your tech stack significantly later when you observe a need to do so, it is a difficult task to undertake. It is better to get it right from the onset. Making changes to an already existing tech stack can cause you a huge amount of money and time. 

Therefore, before you begin to develop a web or mobile application, you should choose the right technology stack. And to be able to do that efficiently, you need to be well-informed.


Final Thoughts On Technology Stack For Business

You need to be an experienced developer to choose the appropriate tech stack for the business. This is especially true if you are managing the software development project. It is imperative that you opt for a suitable technology stack right from the beginning.  

The best way you can do it is to work with an expert developer. Hire server- and client-side developers who have created related apps. They can offer you priceless advice on the right elements to go you’re your technology stack. You can hire a contractor or employ a full-time developer. We can’t overemphasize the significance of working with an experienced team.           

Technology Stack: What Is It And Why You Need It For Your Business

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