Robot Dogs Are Now Available For Companies To Order

Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs line is named Spot

Robots have a special place in our hearts. What used to be a fragment of our imagination have slowly become a part of our reality. So much so that scientists have been developing robots for different purposes. Soon, it won’t come as a surprise if we see robot dogs as companions. Capable of carrying out tasks with minimal assistance, these robots are the future.

Can you recall that robot dog that became popular on Youtube? Spot, the robotic canine created by Boston Dynamics is now available for rent. The quadruped robot that resembles a dog is now out for interested parties. However, Spot will come with a hefty fee for his services. These mechanical canines may not yet be ready to be our pet robot dogs but they have a ton of uses.

Ranging from construction to service-oriented tasks, Spot is capable of helping out labor-intensive businesses. To order Spot or multiples of him, interested parties can fill out an order form.

Before filling out those order forms, let’s take a look at what these robot dogs are capable of.


Powerful Robot Dogs

Robot dogs are now available, meet Spot!
Photo taken by Charlotte Jee from technology

Spot is being catered to labor-intensive industries such as construction, security, oil, and gas. To achieve this, Boston Dynamics have conducted tests with multiple copies to improve on the prototype.

Spot is capable of running at 1.6 meters per second and has a battery life of ninety minutes. This canine can copy the natural movements of dogs and can traverse stairs. Afraid of Spot’s battery dying in the middle of the task? Don’t worry as his battery packs are replaceable with a swap out battery.

Boston Dynamics’ creation will also feature a 360-degree view with the help of cameras. This will allow spot so traverse or avoid obstacles to avoid accidents. Spot can also distinguish people and avoid them accordingly.

Spot is durable can work on wet areas as well as ones filled with dust. These lines of robot dogs can work in temperatures ranging from -25 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. With an IP 45 rating, Spot is protected from small objects damaging him as well as minuscule water jets.

How about Spot’s payload capacity? These robot dogs can individually carry a maximum payload of 14 kilograms. Which allows it to carry lighter tools and construction materials. However, Boston Dynamics made Spot’s payload interface customizable by third party companies. These will allow Spot to take on other tasks outside of construction, oil and public safety.

Lastly, these robot dogs will require minimal assistance as they are capable of opening doors themselves.

Boston Dynamics also has its Autonomy Software kit in its beta stage. This will allow further enhancements and customization to Spot’s capabilities.


Final Word

These robot dogs are the future when it comes to helping labor-intensive industries. Maybe in the future, they could also become companions for everyday folk. For now, Spot is only available to a select few as you need to give Boston Dynamics information regarding your business. If you want to see how robots can help us in many ways, stay tuned to

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