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Top 10 Machine Learning Companies To Keep An Eye On

Deep Learning Companies

Machine learning companies have been around for years. In most cases, machine learning companies compete with each other for dominance in the field where they operate. So, to remain updated as to what companies are on the lead, you need to determine the top ten machine learning companies today. You can start your research by simply checking the following.


Best Machine Learning Companies To Pay Attention To



Mezzanine ai
Photo by PRNewswire is among the most innovative machine learning companies. As one of the top machine learning companies, is into the exploration of a modernized way for learning machines to interact. They do this by evaluating data securely using their pre-trained machine learning products in an automated and sophisticated platform.

Presently, this company runs on a platform hosted by SaaS. The company focuses on the introduction of machine learning and artificial intelligence to businesses that do not necessarily need them. Thus, the company aims to expand the scope of the playing field, where machine learning companies compete.


2. Intellias

Intellias is a significant name among machine learning companies. By nature, it is a Ukrainian-based company. Its main focus of the operation is on the field of automotive, location-based services, and FinTech. Presently, this rightful member of the top machine learning companies was named as the top IT employer in Ukraine.

The company typically works for OEM and Tier 1 vendors that operate in various countries like the UK, South Korea, Japan, and Germany. Intellias’s main goal is to provide assistance to established as well as startup companies in enhancing their capabilities in software engineering.


3. CyberInt

Photo by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards


CyberInt is a force to reckon when we talk about top machine learning companies. The company is engaged in providing its clients with innovative and intelligent solutions to combat cyber threats that confront online businesses. Based on its day-to-day practices, the company provides real-time, and valid alerts against threats, made possible by the research and modern technologies.


4. OneAD

OneAD is another worthy member of the top machine learning companies list for 2020. The company is known for integrating three points (MediaTech, DataTech, and AdTech) in one thread. OneAD is regarded as a top AI company that works with the likes of Adobe and DV360. This company is also responsible for acting as the ad exchanger for Spotx, Adex, Google and Ucfunnel.


5. CredoLab

Photo by CredoLab


CredoLab is one of the best examples of heavyweight machine learning companies. The company is fond of establishing partnerships with finance companies, retail lenders and banks. Also, CredoLab is among the first machine learning companies that made use of the power of smartphone technology to create a significant change in the businesses’ financial access.


6. AlgoFace

AlgoFace is one of the many tech companies responsible for using artificial intelligence in augmented reality to benefit the customers and retailers who are using smartphones and web browsers. Presently, it focuses on the Facial Landmark Tracking SDK that enables you to detect and track the movement of a human face in a precise and robust manner. 


7. Algolux

Photo by PRWeb


Algolux is among the top machine learning companies responsible for using artificial intelligence in improving the imaging as well as the computer vision systems via the autonomous vision. 


8. Dynamic Yield

Based on Analytics Insight Magazine’s assessment, this worthy member of the top machine learning companies is presently among the leading innovative companies in the industry where it operates. The company is currently serving about 300 brands worldwide. Most of its clients prefer Dynamic Yield over the other companies for it is responsible for providing them with robust data management.

Dynamic Field is now focusing on improving the customer experience they provide by improving their service’s personalization aspects. Thus, they are currently offering a range of services, which include dynamic advertising, segmentation, mobile personalization and personalize email. Also, they offer A/B optimization and testing.


9. Dotphoton

Photo by Dotphoton


Dotphoton is known to be among the most innovative companies in the artificial intelligence industry. It is a company that makes use of a machine learning mechanism that is responsible for providing its clients with the best solution for image compression.  The company is famous for providing interchangeability in image data as well as helps in enhancing the imagery’s speed of development. Moreover, the company considers the exploration of available innovative technologies in imagery as its vision. Due to its impressive performance, it became a finalist in the Swisscom StartUp Challenge 2018.


10. SoundHound

SoundHound is recognized as an innovative company that operates in the machine learning industry today. The company makes use of machine learning mechanisms to aid the development of sound recognition, voice recognition system, and natural language understanding. The company’s primary mission, as well as its vision, is to houndify everything. It is considering the transformation of sound to become a meaningful and understandable feature as its mission.

Presently, SoundHound has released “Hound,” a product that makes use of their technology dubbed as the speech-to-meaning to provide the best smartphone experience to users. Also, the company applies most of its technologies to music, and this makes people discover and share music more conveniently.

Top 10 Machine Learning Companies To Keep An Eye On In 2020

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