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11 Powerful Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In 2022

Top 10 Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence for Your Business

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been playing a major part in our daily lives now. For once, AI has been bringing great benefits with our every move, whether you’re aware of it or not. Not only that, it has been beneficial to every industry we currently have. Artificial Intelligence can act as your assistant, teacher, physician, and a whole lot more!

Because of its human-like capabilities, AI is now used across almost all industries. To know how powerful AI can be, we listed down the applications of artificial intelligence available in 2022.

Top 10 Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence for Your Business
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Applications Of Artificial Intelligence


1. AI In Customer Service

Almost all companies nowadays have a form of high-tech customer support which we usually know as chatbots. These chatbots provide exceptional customer service without the company shedding a large amount of money.

AI-enabled customer service can answer simple questions to inquiries such as orders and troubleshoot minor technical difficulties. Chatbots also help save time for both the company and the customer, which is why it’s considered one of the most powerful applications of AI.


2. AI In Education

Artificial Intelligence has been a great help in improving education through AI tutors. They help students who experience anxiety and stress when immersed in a large class or one-on-one human interaction. It also helps in the overall surrounding of the classroom, making it easier for teachers to educate their students.

Not only that it helps improve classrooms and students with anxiety, but some applications of artificial intelligence education also include helping users learn different subjects anytime and anywhere. In 2022, expect more AI software that will empower education by making it accessible and easy to use.

Artificial Intelligence In Education
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3. AI In Retail

The future of retail is here thanks to artificial technology. Online shopping platforms collect information on your past purchases, which is why these stores can suggest products that you might fancy. With AI, retailers can now study the behavior of their customers making it easier for them to build an algorithm.

For customers, AI in retail helps every transaction seamless and faster. Because of its ability to predict your purchases, you are most likely to get the specific product you need without wasting so much of your time. 


4. AI In Healthcare

In 2022, Artificial Intelligence will continue improving the healthcare industry. Some AI software in healthcare help in checking patients’ symptoms and diagnosing them immediately (shouldn’t be mistaken as a doctor’s diagnosis), detecting early stages of cancer, radiology assistance, and a whole lot more.

These aren’t just the applications of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. AI can also help in assisting doctors with their schedules, securing patient records, streamlining processes, and opening up new avenues for this industry. Pathologists also take advantage of AI in making a more accurate diagnosis. 


5. AI In Social Media

Social media is a big part of our day-to-day lives. That’s why it’s no wonder that artificial intelligence has taken it over. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, AI is present in all of it.

From your timeline to the notifications you receive, AI is behind. The application of Artificial Intelligence in social media helps filter out spammy content, making sure that users will only get accurate information. It also considers your past webs searches, behaviors, and anything you have clicked or done to create a specific user experience.


6. AI In Gaming

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From the beginning of the video game boom decades back, enemies, bosses, and NPCs have been programmed a certain way. Now, it is not surprising to see AI applied in video games. You can now see computer-controlled enemies adapting to your playing style. Before enemies follow a specific pattern, now they have become more calculated but also erratic with how they deal with players. In fact, critics scrutinize games with laughable AI as a well-thought-out system ensures the best gaming experience possible.


7. AI In Finance

Applying AI in finance is powerful. Artificial intelligence creates algorithms that are accurate and efficient and the finance sector heavily relies on real-time reporting, accuracy, and processing of large amounts of data. 

AI-enabled software is capable of predicting the best portfolio or stock depending on the preferences you put in by scanning the market data. Algorithmic trading is the best example of the application of artificial intelligence in finance. It makes use of the speed and data processing advantages that a computer has over human traders.

Machine Learning In Finance: All You Need To Know
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8. AI In Travel and Transportation

Through the years, transportation has been evolving, making it easier for everyone to reach their desired destinations. AI is one of the key tools in making this happen. From suggesting different routes to helping on making travel arrangements, travel and transportation companies are investing in artificial intelligence now more than ever.

With the use of AI, travel companies can now suggest different travel recommendations, provide competitive hotel prices, and guarantee a faster response time. In transportation, some applications can give you an estimated time of arrival depending on your mode of transportation. Hence, AI is a game-changer for this industry. 


9. AI In Smart Homes

Thanks to the Internet of Things, smart homes are now possible. Usually powered by an AI, smart home devices can now be controlled easily. Users can easily adjust their temperature, lightning, or even answer the door by just training an AI. These settings are controlled by a smart voice assistant, which is AI-enabled.

This is a powerful application of artificial intelligence that changes the way we live. With the use of one device, it can control almost all the devices in the household. The AI can also change the settings depending on the time of day or suggest songs, making the user’s experience frictionless.

IoT Devices
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10. AI In Security and Surveillance

Most people are looking at improving their security, be it at home or elsewhere. To make this achievable, artificial intelligence is integrated into this domain. Us humans can’t monitor every channel all the time, but with AI-enabled apps available, great security and surveillance are surely within our reach. Because of artificial intelligence, facial and voice recognition are getting better.


11. AI In Smart Cars

When it comes to the application of Artificial Intelligence, smart cars are one of the accomplished ones. Although self-driving cars are not yet out for the consumer market, it is definitely one to watch out for in the coming years. Companies are heavily investing in this AI technology which will surely resolve a relative amount of transportation and service-related issues very soon.

11 Powerful Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In 2022

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