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How Does Machine Learning Work: Your Ultimate Guide

Machine Learning In Healthcare

Machine learning is what matters as the world continues to turn around in the next century. But many of us are still asking how does machine learning work?

Machine learning is a great invention of data analytics that will make computers function naturally as humans and animals do. In other words, machine learning function effectively through experience. The algorithms use computational methods in order to learn the information from the data and not dependent on a predetermined equation. As more outputs made available, the algorithms will adapt and increase its performance while the capacity of the machine learning to provide adequate information increases. 

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Importance of Machine Learning

As the world goes round and life becomes complicates, several complex problems arise that humans need to address in order to survive. Here are some problems that showcase how does machine learning work to help human lives:

  • Access to credit is important to grow business. Computational finance makes it faster to give reliable credit scoring and perform outstanding trading.
  • Image processing and high performing computer vision allows heightened security through face recognition, detect motions of humans as well as objects
  • Health management becomes high performing through computational biology that can even detect illness such as a tumour, discover medication and DNA sequencing
  • Energy production becomes sustainable while managing its right price and load
  • It can predict the necessity of maintenance for automobiles, aerospace and manufacturing
  • Voice recognition applications make all technologies become inclusive to all human beings


How Does Machine Learning Work With Data?

The very key to the effective function of machine learning is finding a natural pattern. The pattern will give insights to make better decisions and predictions. Examples of these patterns are a medical diagnosis, stock trading, forecasts and more. If a music media site uses machine learning, they will likely use feedbacks among cyber-community on songs and movie recommendations. In this way, they can get insights into the purchasing behaviour of their target customers.

Machine learning is best to use when you will be facing a complex task to solve a problem. In most cases, the situation involves a large amount of data and complex variables that can be difficult to establish a formula.

Artificial Intelligence In Medicine: How AI Can Benefit The Healthcare Industry
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How Does Machine Learning Work: Understanding The Techniques

There are two techniques for a machine learning to work: Supervised learning which enables a model with an input and output data in order to predict future results and the Unsupervised learning which uses the strategy of finding hidden patterns and structures of a data. So, let’s get to know them one-by-one:


  • Supervised learning

It takes a set of input data and responses which is used to capacitate the machine learning to generate sensible predictions of responses to give new data. This best works when you have a given known data that you are trying to foresee. The technique uses classification and regressing in order to develop predictive models;

The classification technique of a machine learning works best if the data is using tagging, categorization or being classified into groups or types. Examples are recognition of letters and numbers or use of image detection and segmentation to process images.


  • Unsupervised learning

The unsupervised learning technique is finding hidden patterns of data. It can draw inferences from datasets. Clustering is a commonly used process to explore data analysis and find the patterns. An example is the gene sequencing analysis and market research.

Telecommunication companies use unsupervised machine learning as they want to optimize the locations where they are building their towers. The machine learning works by estimating the number of persons rely on their communication towers. Since all phones can only link to communicate to one tower at a time, the companies use clustering algorithms to design the appropriate location of the cell sites and optimize signal receptions.



Creative Industry brainstorming mind mapping


MATLAB is a platform for programming. It has a matrix-based language that can allow expression of computational mathematics.

Now, how does machine learning work with MATLAB? It can provide immediate access to prebuilt functions, extensive toolbox and specialized apps for you to classify, regress and cluster. Hence, MATLAB is a perfect platform for machine learning to work on data analytics.

  • Helps you compare approaches like classification, support vector, and deep learning
  • Creation of accurate model that can provide a strong forecast of data through refinement and reduction techniques
  • Business systems, clusters and clouds become real-time
  • It can provide automatic code generation if integrated into sensor analytics
  • Works best in integrated workflows


How does machine learning work in day-to-day applications?

Here is some interesting common machine learning work that we face every day:


  • Machine learning works in Art

The machine learning algorithm can now classify the paintings as to style, genre, and artist. The visual features are used to classify the style and can even determine artistic influences.


  • Machine learning works to optimize energy consumption for commercial establishments

In large buildings, the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning are often inefficient. It drives more cost and expenses because they can hardly get the weather patterns, energy costs and thermal factors. The BuildingIQ software is an example of machine learning that uses advanced algorithms that process information of power consumption, temperature and HVCA sensors and energy costing. Furthermore, machine learning can do data segmentation, determine the distribution of air, electricity, steam and solar power process heating and cooling in an establishment.


  • Machine learning to avoid accidents and death

Car accidents rank as one of the top causes of death among human beings. To respond, an on-board car-crushing machine learning- sensing system is developed to detect speed collisions. It helps determine driving events such as speed bumps or potholes.

We can never escape the global trend in computers today. Also, mobile phones and computers have become part of our body system. Often, it is hard to go to sleep without seeing first what going on inside your computer. However, computers cannot see and performance like humans. But humans have limitations. Finally, machine learning is becoming part of the bloodstream flow of our human body system. Hence, machine learning will help humans more efficient.

How Does Machine Learning Work: Your Ultimate Guide For 2020

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