GitHub Expands Access To Copilot Chat For Individual Users


GitHub, the popular software development platform, is making its Copilot Chat feature available to individual users. Copilot Chat, a programming-centric chatbot similar to ChatGPT, was initially launched in a private preview and was only accessible to organizations with a Copilot for Business subscription. However, as of today, GitHub is expanding access to the Copilot Chat beta for all current GitHub Copilot for Individual subscribers using Visual Studio and VS Code.

Key Takeaway

GitHub’s Copilot Chat, integrated with the Copilot pair programmer, aims to create a powerful AI-assistant for developers. By leveraging natural language, this cohesive toolset seeks to reduce repetitive coding tasks and establish natural language as a universal programming language for developers worldwide.

Copilot for individual users is priced at $10 per month, and Copilot Chat is offered as a free addition to the existing subscription. The chatbot, like others of its kind, resides in the IDE’s sidebar and enables developers to engage in multiturn conversations about coding. What sets Copilot Chat apart is its contextual awareness, allowing developers to seek assistance and ask specific questions about the code they are currently working on.

Copilot Chat provides real-time guidance by suggesting best practices, tips, and tailored solutions for the code being worked on, without the need to switch away from the IDE. Additionally, it assists with code analysis and fixing security issues.

In GitHub’s announcement, Shuyin Zhao, VP of Product Management at GitHub, emphasized the platform’s ambition to establish natural language as a universal programming language, thus democratizing software development. This aligns with recent themes and discussions regarding the future of software development within the GitHub community.

GitHub’s CEO, Thomas Dohmke, will be discussing this topic further during his appearance at the Disrupt conference in San Francisco today, shedding more light on the platform’s vision and roadmap.

With Copilot Chat’s public preview for individual users, GitHub is taking a significant step towards enhancing the software development experience, empowering developers with powerful AI assistance and driving innovation in the coding world.

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