New Digital Tools From Agri-Trak Help Farms Streamline Operations And Stay Compliant


In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, even traditional industries like farming are embracing digital solutions to streamline operations. Agri-Trak, a startup based in Pultneyville, New York, is leading the charge by offering a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that allows farmers to digitize their labor and production tracking processes.

Key Takeaway

Agri-Trak’s SaaS platform revolutionizes farming by digitizing labor and production tracking processes. The startup’s user-friendly web dashboard, tablet app, and mobile web-based app provide farms with efficient tools to manage worker crews, track labor, and stay compliant with regulations. Agri-Trak’s focus on small to medium-sized family farms and dedication to H2-A compliance set it apart from other agricultural SaaS solutions. By embracing technology, farms can enhance their productivity, streamline operations, and make informed decisions with accurate data.

Digital Tools for Efficient Farming

Agri-Trak’s platform consists of three key applications designed to simplify farm management:

  1. Web Dashboard: Farmers can access an intuitive web-based dashboard that provides analytics and reporting on farm activities. This comprehensive tool allows farm owners and managers to stay informed about day-to-day operations, from labor management to yield inputs.
  2. Tablet App: Agri-Trak’s tablet app enables field supervisors to efficiently organize and mobilize worker crews. With the help of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, known as Agri-Tap, supervisors can easily clock workers in and out of different tasks, ensuring accurate labor tracking.
  3. Mobile Web-based App: Workers can conveniently clock in and out using Agri-Trak’s mobile web-based app. This user-friendly application eliminates the need for cumbersome paper-based systems, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

By replacing traditional pen and paper with user-friendly digital tools, Agri-Trak empowers farms to streamline their operations and ensure compliance with regulations, such as the H2-A program for managing migrant workers.

Origin Story: Farmer Turned Entrepreneur

The idea for Agri-Trak was born out of necessity. Jamie Sonneville, a Cornell graduate and fifth-generation apple grower, observed her husband’s struggles with labor and production tracking on their farm. Determined to find a solution, she used her IT background to develop a software that digitized these processes.

Word of Sonneville’s innovative solution quickly spread among local farms, prompting her to commercialize the product and found Agri-Trak. She enlisted the support of Jason Hill, a seasoned sales expert with extensive experience in the agricultural technology sector, to help scale the business.

Benefits for Family Farms

Agri-Trak primarily caters to small to medium-sized family farms. Hill emphasizes the importance of technology adoption for the survival of such farms in an increasingly regulated industry. Implementing digital solutions not only helps farms comply with labor and agricultural regulations but also saves valuable time. The ability to access real-time data through user-friendly digital tools transforms how farms operate and what they can achieve.

Subscription Tiers and Future Endeavors

Agri-Trak offers three annual subscription tiers, starting at $2,000. The “Core” tier includes basic timekeeping and payroll features, along with data reports. The “Plus” tier adds business reports and NFC capabilities, while the “Pro” tier includes H2-A compliance features, NFC-enabled fobs, and a Samsung tablet for clocking in and out.

Currently available on the Google Play Store, Agri-Trak plans to expand its accessibility by launching on the iPad platform. Additionally, the startup is working to integrate its software with agricultural machinery and aims to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for predictive analytics and prescriptive solutions in the future.

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