Getty Images Launches New Generative AI Service For IStock Customers


Getty Images, a leading stock media company, unveiled a groundbreaking service at CES 2024. The new service, named Generative AI by iStock, harnesses the power of AI models trained on Getty’s extensive iStock stock photography and video libraries to produce fresh licensable images and artwork. This innovative offering is designed to revolutionize the creative process for iStock customers.

Key Takeaway

Getty Images introduces Generative AI by iStock, a pioneering AI service that leverages advanced technology to generate and modify images while safeguarding against copyrighted elements. The service aims to provide an affordable and legally compliant AI solution for creative professionals.

AI-Powered Image Generation

Generative AI by iStock is driven, in part, by cutting-edge technology from Nvidia and is equipped to prevent the creation of images featuring copyrighted elements such as products, individuals, and specific locations. It is available in 75 languages and has the capability to modify existing images while also generating entirely new ones. Moreover, the service can be seamlessly integrated with existing applications and plugins through an API.

Cost and Accessibility

The service is priced at $15 for every 100 generated images, making it an affordable and accessible option for customers. Grant Farhall, iStock’s chief product officer, expressed the company’s commitment to providing a user-friendly and cost-effective AI solution for the creative community. He emphasized the importance of ensuring legal compliance and protection of copyrighted material within the generated content.

Legal Coverage and Copyright Debate

The launch of Generative AI by iStock comes at a time of heightened debate surrounding AI-generated content and copyright issues. AI models, particularly those trained on copyrighted material, have raised concerns about potential infringement. Notably, Getty Images has taken legal action against companies allegedly infringing on their copyrighted material.

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