New AI Tool By Stability AI Facilitates 3D Model Generation With Ease


Stability AI, a renowned startup in the field of generative AI, has unveiled its latest innovation, Stable 3D. This AI-powered app aims to simplify the process of 3D model creation for graphic designers, digital artists, and game developers. With Stable 3D, even non-experts can effortlessly generate “draft-quality” 3D models in a matter of minutes.

Key Takeaway

Stability AI’s Stable 3D introduces a revolutionary AI-powered app that simplifies 3D model generation for designers and developers. It enables non-experts to create “draft-quality” 3D models in minutes, leveling the playing field and reducing complexity in 3D content creation. However, concerns arise regarding the source of the training data, and Stability AI’s commitment to respecting intellectual property rights warrants scrutiny. Despite these challenges, Stability AI aims to position itself effectively in the growing market of AI-powered 3D model generation through strategic maneuvers and product diversification.

Efficiency and Accessibility for Designers and Developers

Traditionally, creating 3D content has been a laborious and time-consuming task, often taking professionals hours or even days to complete. Stable 3D levels the playing field by empowering independent designers, artists, and developers to create thousands of 3D objects per day at minimal cost. This revolutionary tool eliminates the complexity associated with 3D content creation and significantly reduces the time required.

Stable 3D is equipped with a robust set of features comparable to other model-generating tools in the market. Users can describe the desired 3D model in natural language or convert existing images or illustrations into models. The output is generated in the widely supported “.obj” file format, allowing seamless editing and manipulation using standard 3D modeling tools.

Potential Legal Concerns and Stability AI’s Commitment

While Stability AI’s new offering showcases promising advancements in 3D model generation, it also raises questions regarding the source of the training data. Given the tendency of generative AI models to regurgitate training data, concerns arise about potential copyright infringements. Stability AI faced legal repercussions earlier this year when Getty and several artists accused the company of unauthorized use of their images for training its Stable Diffusion model.

In an effort to address these concerns, Stability AI recently partnered with Spawning to honor “opt-out” requests from artists. However, it remains unclear if this collaboration extends to the training data used for Stable 3D. Clarification from Stability AI is pending.

A Flourishing Market of AI-Powered 3D Model Generation

The introduction of Stable 3D marks Stability AI’s entry into the competitive realm of AI-powered 3D model generation. Numerous platforms and startups, such as 3DFY, Kaedim, Auctoria, Mirage, Luma, and Hypothetic, already occupy this space. Established companies like Autodesk and Nvidia are also venturing into this domain with applications like Get3D and ClipForge, respectively.

Moreover, players like Meta and OpenAI have experimented with technologies to generate 3D assets from prompts. OpenAI even released Point-E, an AI model capable of synthesizing 3D models with potential applications in 3D printing, game design, and animation.

Stability AI’s Strategic Maneuvers Amidst Growing Competition

Stable 3D represents Stability AI’s latest effort to diversify its business and adapt to the evolving landscape of art-creating generative AI platforms. The startup has been seeking additional revenue streams and was recently reported to be burning through cash, leading to a heightened focus on sales and an executive hunt.

Stability AI recently secured $25 million in funding through a convertible note, bolstering its financial resources to over $125 million. However, despite a valuation of $1 billion, the company has yet to secure higher funding at a more substantial valuation. Stability AI aims to quadruple its valuation in the coming months, despite its relatively low revenues.

In a bid to attract customers and differentiate itself, Stability AI also announced new features for its online AI-powered photo editing suite, including a model fine-tuning feature and a “sky replacer” tool. These additions join a wide range of Stability AI’s AI-powered products, including Stable Audio (a music-generating suite), Stable Doodle (a doodle-creating app), and a ChatGPT-like chatbot.

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