Elon Musk Announces X Will Show Headlines On The Platform Again


After removing titles from preview cards with URLs last month, X, formerly known as Twitter, is set to bring back the feature. This announcement comes from Elon Musk himself, who shared the news on the platform. In an upcoming update, X will overlay the title in the upper portion of the image of a URL card, providing users with easy access to headlines once again. Although Musk did not provide a specific timeline or an example of the new card design, this change is sure to impact the way users engage with content on the platform.

Key Takeaway

X, formerly Twitter, will once again showcase headlines on the platform after removing titles last month. Elon Musk announced in a post that an upcoming update will overlay the title in the upper portion of the image of a URL card. This change aims to provide users with a better understanding of the content before clicking on it.

Returning to Showcasing Headlines

In August, Elon Musk announced that X would stop showing titles in previews for “improved aesthetics.” As a result, users had to click or tap on the URL card to view the actual headline. This change led to publishers having to find workarounds, such as including their own headlines in the image or posting the link separately. However, with the upcoming update, X will reintroduce the display of headlines in preview cards, making it easier for users to quickly understand the content before clicking through.

Impact on Publications and Custom Formats

The reintroduction of headlines in preview cards may have varying effects on publications. While it will make it easier for traditional news outlets to convey their content, those relying on custom formats may need to consider the layout of the new card to ensure their headlines are properly displayed. The updated design will emphasize the importance of concise and captivating titles that encourage user engagement.

Turbulent Times for X

Recently, X has faced several challenges. Major advertisers, including Apple, Disney, and Comcast, halted their spending on the platform due to Elon Musk’s endorsement of antisemitic remarks. Furthermore, Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media withdrew its partnership with X just weeks after its initial agreement. Musk himself has been involved in legal disputes, such as his lawsuit against Media Matters for alleged defamation. These events have contributed to the platform’s turbulent atmosphere, with X working to address the concerns and maintain user trust.

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