New Hackings, Controversies, And Investigations Rock The Tech World


It has been an eventful week in the tech industry, with several notable incidents and developments making headlines. From hacking devices to controversies surrounding Y Combinator Demo Day and a federal investigation into Tesla, there is no shortage of news to delve into.

Key Takeaway

The tech industry has been rocked by hacking incidents, controversies, and investigations. From the hacking device targeting iPhone users to controversies at Y Combinator Demo Day and the federal investigation into Tesla, these events highlight the ongoing challenges and controversies in the tech world.

Hacking Device Targets iPhone Users

A security researcher has demonstrated a cheap hacking tool that can spam nearby iPhones with Bluetooth pop-ups, prompting users to connect to a nearby Apple device. The small device, known as Flipper Zero, can be programmed to perform wireless attacks on devices within range. This latest hacking technique raises concerns about privacy and security for iPhone users.

Controversies at Y Combinator Demo Day

Y Combinator, a well-known venture firm, found itself embroiled in controversy this week. A startup called Medobed was removed from Y Combinator’s S23 batch due to “irregularities” discovered at the company. It was revealed that the founder had frequently altered his educational history and the company’s growth metrics. This incident raises questions about the due diligence process for startups selected by venture firms.

Bumble Cracks Down on Bots and Spam

Dating app company Bumble has updated its community guidelines to crack down on bots, spam, ghosting, and doxing. The company aims to eliminate artificially influenced actions on its platform, such as connections, matching, conversations, or engagement through the use of automation or scripting. Bumble’s efforts to create a safer and more authentic dating environment are commendable.

Tesla Faces Federal Investigation

Manhattan federal prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating the alleged misuse of Tesla funds. The focus of the investigation is a secret project internally referred to as “Project 42,” which involves the construction of a glass house in Austin, Texas, for CEO Elon Musk. This investigation raises concerns about the potential misuse of company resources and the involvement of Tesla board members.

Musk Sues Anti-Defamation League

In addition to the federal investigation, Elon Musk has announced that X, formerly Twitter, will file a defamation lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Musk accuses the ADL of falsely accusing him and his company of being antisemitic and blames the organization for his company’s falling U.S. advertising revenue. This legal battle adds another layer of complexity to Musk’s already eventful year.

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