X Brings Back Headlines To Link Previews, Then Removes Them Again


X, formerly known as Twitter, briefly reinstated the display of headlines at the bottom of link preview cards on Tuesday, only to retract the feature shortly after. The reimplementation was met with mixed reactions from users and publications, with some noting that the titles were truncated due to length constraints.

Key Takeaway

X, formerly Twitter, briefly reinstated the display of headlines at the bottom of link preview cards before promptly removing the feature. The platform’s design choices and Elon Musk’s involvement continue to generate speculation and scrutiny.

Headlines Resurface, Then Disappear

On Tuesday, X reintroduced headlines at the bottom of link preview cards, albeit in a smaller font size. However, the feature was swiftly removed, prompting confusion among users and observers. The abrupt reversal left many questioning the rationale behind the short-lived change.

Elon Musk’s Involvement

Elon Musk, the prominent figure behind X, had previously advocated for the removal of headlines from URL preview cards in the interest of “improved aesthetics.” Despite this, Musk later hinted at the reinstatement of titles in a different location within the preview cards. This back-and-forth has contributed to uncertainty regarding the platform’s design direction.

Lack of Official Explanation

Notably, X did not issue an official statement regarding the reintroduction and subsequent removal of headlines from link preview cards. The lack of clarity surrounding this decision has led to speculation about the platform’s design choices and the extent of Musk’s influence on such matters.

Discrepancies Across Platforms

While the changes in the display of link preview cards were evident on the web version of X, disparities were observed between the iOS and Android apps. Specifically, the iOS app did not reflect the updated format, while the Android app continued to display link previews in the style predating Musk’s headline removal initiative.

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