Discovering Recommended Places With Artifact: The Latest Addition To The Personalized News App


In a bid to expand its offerings beyond news aggregation, Artifact, the AI-powered app co-founded by Instagram’s creators, has introduced a new feature that allows users to discover and share their favorite places. The addition signifies a shift towards becoming a comprehensive discovery engine for various web content, positioning itself as a potential competitor to platforms like Twitter and X.

Key Takeaway

Artifact, the AI-powered app launched by Instagram’s co-founders, has expanded its capabilities by allowing users to discover and share recommended places. This new feature positions Artifact as a comprehensive web discovery engine, going beyond news aggregation and competing with platforms like Twitter and X. With its AI-driven recommendation engine and enhanced reading experience, Artifact aims to provide users with a diverse range of curated content in an engaging and user-friendly manner.

Bringing the Power of Recommendations to Artifact

With the inclusion of the new feature, Artifact users can now establish themselves as curators, building a following by sharing not only news and articles but also their preferred restaurants, bars, shops, and other noteworthy locations. Sharing places seamlessly integrates into the existing posting experience, enabling users to post their titles, text, and images, while also providing recommendations for their followers.

Artifact has been steadily evolving to incorporate a wider range of content. The app started as a news aggregator, but recently expanded its repertoire to include sharing of organic posts, links, and now, personally curated hotspots. By allowing users to share diverse types of content, Artifact aims to rival X, a platform known for textual posts but lacks visual elements.

AI-Powered Recommendations and Enhanced Reading Experience

Artificial intelligence plays a significant role within Artifact, driving its recommendation engine and generating AI summaries that offer a concise overview of news stories. Moreover, when users click on a headline to read an article within the app’s in-app Safari browser, they will now have access to these AI summaries, among other features like commenting and saving articles for later.

The app’s AI capabilities extend to rewriting clickbait headlines, enhancing user experience by providing more accurate and relevant information. These features apply to both the native mobile app and Safari’s share extension, ensuring a seamless reading experience regardless of the platform.

Since its public launch in February 2023, Artifact has been constantly introducing new features, including user profiles, commenting, link sharing, and more. While the app’s co-founder, Mike Krieger, envisions a Twitter/X-like experience within Artifact, the app is currently shaping up to be more like Flipboard or Pinterest, offering curated news and inspirational content from the web. However, this diverse range of offerings raises questions about Artifact’s core purpose and might leave users confused about its main focus. Regardless, Artifact remains a go-to destination for users seeking news, links, and content that pique their interests.

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